CarPlay Shown Off in New Promo Video from Volvo, Wi-Fi Connections Coming Soon

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Following this morning's announcement from Apple that it will officially begin rolling out its "CarPlay" iOS vehicle integration with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo on board as the first launch partners this week, Volvo has published its own press release announcing the launch. Volvo's promotional materials include a new video briefly showing off CarPlay in action.

    Volvo also goes a step beyond the basic CarPlay implementation to take advantage of the large portrait touch screen on the upcoming XC90 SUV, making both Apple and Volvo controls available simultaneously.
    Volvo's press release also makes clear that while the initial implementation of CarPlay will require a wired connection using an iPhone's Lightning connector, Wi-Fi connectivity will be "coming in the near future".

    Article Link: CarPlay Shown Off in New Promo Video from Volvo, Wi-Fi Connections Coming Soon
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    May 14, 2012
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    Looks pretty solid, however I must say I simply CAN NOT STAND the digital setting for thermostat, etc. It's simply a nuisance on the car screens. I do welcome iOS in the car though. Maybe we eventually get siri controlled settings? That would be great!
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    You can tell Jony Ive is excited for this, did you hear how high his voice got?
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    I had my doubts but I think it's beautiful. Very well done!
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    Anyone know how this works "under the hood"? What's driving the actual UI? Is it some sort of screen mirroring? Or does it do video-out over the Lightning connector? I'm having a hard time visualizing how it would work over Wi-Fi unless mirroring was used.

    I'm not a fan of mirroring, so if that's how it's being done, I'm not particularly interested.
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    Am I the only one GEEKING out over the fact this Volvo commercial features the death metal band IN FLAMES on the screen? hahahah! I LOVE this!
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    This is the way all new infotainment systems should be, just needs to be more open so you can use either android, ios, microsoft phones, and any apps that want to access the api. For example I can't use apple maps as it thinks I live on a golf course 10 miles away :( I want to use google maps.
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    Who else thinks this is a bad idea?

    While driving you need to watch the road, not try to hit the right part of a touchscreen which is in a place where your arm doesn't usually go.
    In my experience it is much much safer and easier to control the infotainment system with a couple of buttons and a scroll wheel (like Audi).
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    You can use that too.

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    Very excited for this! My 2004 Infiniti I is holding up spectacularly. Not going to be changing cars for a few more years yet, but when I do, this will be a heavily weighted factor in my next buying decision. I would like to stay Infiniti, but it seems their low end cars are now junk and their high end is too high. They dumped their mid-level so I may not be back.
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    Will be SIRI enabled and probably also have steering wheel controls for basic functions. All auto companies are going in this direction, including Audi.
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    Jan 9, 2008
    I wonder if this will support FaceTime Audio. I'm also wondering if it will be iPhone-specific, or if it will work with an iPad or iPod touch as well.
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    Nov 11, 2008
    I immediately had to pause the video when I noticed it, that was awesome!
    I also could not help picturing the dude in a suit head banging while driving his fancy Volvo :D
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    And VW, natch.
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    And of course you can just tell Siri what you want without taking eyes off the road at all. Three ways to control, that's pretty versatile.
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    to an extent I agree, but a small agreement. Many car audio/nav/system controls are touch-based. This will/should help make things consistent between manufacturers. Also, guessing Siri can be useful here as well. Siri, get this, map me that, change to this iTunes Radio station...or Beats or Spotify (as they are going to be able to be controlled via the CarPlay).

    then there will be controls, whether buttons on the wheel or on dash too.
    and rather than have a Nav system window-mounted, plus Radio in a separate place, this brings them together.
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    damn i am just about to buy the xc60 and was hoping it would be an option, looks like for new models only then
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    nice to see that they allow integration of third party apps (like spotify) and don't force apple-only apps

    While this is not the determining factor for my next car - the iOS integration definitely will have some factor in deciding for the next car (esp. when my decision is down to one or two cars and one of them has it and the other one not)
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    I just hope the lawsuit-fearing developers creating this don't restrict the ability to use it while the car is in motion.

    I LOATHE systems that do this. Especially since it's often my passenger who is modifying settings, unable to do so because I'm driving.

    Just let people do things while the car is moving. We've been setting our radio stations, adjusting the A/C and such for YEARS while driving without issue. Why do we have to be told we can't now? I hate our legal system and the way it penalizes entities that are not at fault for people being stupid.

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