Cartouche HD - the ancient puzzle game

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    Descend deep into the Pharaoh’s tomb and experience a unique puzzle arcade game. Align the falling hieroglyphs across, down or diagonally to clear them from the cartouche. Watch out though – if the cartouche fills up, the game is over.

    • Simple user interface that will react as quickly as you do
    • Designed for both lefties and righties
    • Beautiful custom artwork throughout the game
    • Elegant sound track to enjoy while you play
    • Track your skill with the High Score board
    • Tweet your high scores without leaving the game
    • Automatic save on exit

    System Requirements
    • Apple iPad
    • iPhone OS 3.2 or better

    Cartouche Product Page
    Moonchaser Website

    TitleScreen.PNG RHSS02.PNG HighScoreName.PNG HighScoreSS.PNG LHSS01.PNG

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