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Case for 4th Gen 60 gig iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by vancejohns, Jan 1, 2007.

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    I just received my 4th Gen 60 gig iPod and I'm delighted. I got a refurbished 4th Gen because I have a G3 iMac and the new iPods don't work with Firewire. The iPod is loaded with about 12,000 songs (a bit over half the content of my iTunes. Can anyone recommend a good source for a case or, better yet a specific case, to protect it. I went to the Apple store and, when I asked about a case of a 4th gen iPod, the kid looked at me as if I'd just stepped out of a time machine "Sir are you from the past?". I've found some cases on line but thouth I'd poll the group for recommendations.

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    I don't have a personal recommendation, but there are thorough reviews at www.ilounge.com. I have heard good things about iSkin, but I found the one for my mini got a bit fuzzy because dust and stuff sticks to it.
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    iSkins are fantastic... they were a litttle lacking for the first two generations, but 4g looks nice and tehy have full screen protection, a clip at the back, etc. I highly recommend them, and I think you can get the older cases at their website.
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    I love the iSkin because it work with the dock. One complaint I do have is that there are ventilation holds on the back that let debris in. After a few months with the iSkin I took my iPod out to find that the back and screen had some minor scratching due to debris getting in. Not a big deal to me but if you want a pristine iPod I would suggest covering it with the Invisible Sheild product and then put it in the iSkin.

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