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Case for Macbook Air 2012

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Gaprofitt, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    I have been looking for a case to add a little texture and protect my new Macbook Air, I only see the Speck See thru which doesn't get the best reviews on Amazon. Looking for something to just protect the laptop but still allows full functionality.


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    Someone should start a thread about this topic. It has never come up before.
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    I recommend the iPearl cases over the speck cases. I had speck case before and it cracked on my MBA. On the MBP it's fine... but the type of material for the MBA speck cases are noticeably thinner.

    The iPearl case is like the speck cases, except they are thicker and matte so they wont scratch easily. They weigh even less than the speck cases.
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    Any links to the 13 inch version of the iPearl? I've seen a few and can't figure out the right one.

    I'd like to buy it on Amazon but anything will do.
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    Here you go: LINK
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    Thanks for the tip, i'll check them out.

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    Is that for the latest one?
  8. Scuba629, Jun 23, 2012
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    Is that for the latest version? Wasn't sure.

    Edit: sorry double post.
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    Yes, it's for the latest version. Check for yourself here: LINK
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    I have had a Speck see thru case on my late 2010 MBA ever since I bought it and I'm going to be doing the same on my new MBA whenever it arrives. My one and only issue with it is after a while I get very small cracks (usually only 2) on one side of the top part. I've had 2 of them and they both have the cracks.

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    qeustion; will a speck case fit in an incase sleeve?
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  13. 3bs
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    Maybe if the most commonly asked questions were made stickies then people wouldn't start a thread. I know they should be searching but stickies are just easier to spot and less work I guess.
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    Actually, both of us (GBlansten and I) are being jerks. The MBA just came out a few days ago, there is some question about whether the cases for the 2011 MBA will fit the 2012 MBA, so I think it is fair and reasonable to start a thread asking what is out there. A sticky doesn't do much good, because the computers are different (at the very least, the old Magsafe, which caused trouble for some 2011 cases, is different this year).
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    Completely forgot about that. I guess I'll post back about the Speck case I'm using on my late 2010 11" and see if it it fits my new 11"
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    Does anyone have the Moshi?

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    I use iCarbons on my MBA and they work really well and feel really nice. Give them a look if you're interested.

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    I have the Powersupport Macbook Air Air Jacket and love it. It really doesn't add any weight to the Air and you barely notice it's on. It will protect from scratches and some light bumping etc, but doesn't offer heavy duty protection though. I have the 2011 Air and tried the cover on my daughter's new 2012 Air and although the left USB port is a bit snug, it fits fine.
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    It's not a case, it's just a vinyl. I have one of those on my iPhone 4 back glass, but MBA tends to get cracks and other awful things that it's better to have hard shell cover on it.
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    I'm not sure what people do where they actually need a hard case on an MBA. I have I carbons top and bottom and then slide it into sleeve. It then goes either into my office or in my bag and when it's out I use it and I put it back in the sleeve. I just don't see any reason why I carbons or vinyl doesn't work. It's worked for three MBAs for me now, never a mark on any of them.
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    i worked on a rough metal table today, i had some idiot bump into me with his cart the other day, and the case did a great job of protecting the mba. maybe some vinyl would as well, but i figure it is better safe than sorry.

    sleeves and jackets only protect it about 1% of the time and offer no protection when I actually use it. i've used them in the past, but no more.
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    Just got my 11" today and the Speck case I was using on my late 2010 fits perfectly.
  24. dpc
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    I'm using Speck on mine too. I like how the clear plastic has enough grip for me to pull it out of my laptop bag rather than having to carefully slide it out by picking it up from the bottom.

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