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Case from Apple Store to "Hold me over..."

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Blazer5913, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Going tomorrow morning to pick up an 8gb iPhone as we are leaving for an 8 hour trip to the Outer Banks, NC at noon. So after reading a bunch of reviews, I'm probably going to go with a case or two from on-line retailers for my iPhone that I will use 24/7... Yet, I was wondering what you guys would think my best bet would be to get just for the trip to hold me over. It must be purchased at the Apple Store (assuming that mine carries them and has them in stock), but just something to fully cover the screen and the back from scratches... More importantly the screen, as I think the back is destined to get scratches anyways... Just let me know what you guys would do for a "layover" case. Thanks
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    hmmm.... with the exception of "slip" cases, i haven't found any cases that cover the screen and iphone and enable you to use the device while its still in it's case (like a flip-up). Maybe the incase folio?

    check my thread here for case info
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    Alright so maybe just a screen cover then? Not really sure... def don't wanna get the incase and have my iphone scratched...
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    Scratching on something like the iphone bezel is inevitable. I will always remember how when I was young I got a nice gold bracelet and the first day i went out and slipped in the rain and scratched the **** out of it. Now a days even my breitling watch was scratched on the first day I got it, and I just brushed it off, if it wont scratch now it will sooner or later.
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    If you can get a Griffin Elan Snap-in (can be used screen in or out) and the Powersupport Crystal Film.
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    Capt Underpants

    Don't buy a temporary case. Just enjoy the iPhone as it was designed, without an annoying case to get in the way. If it gets scratched, so be it. It's better than fumbling with a bulky, cumbersome case.
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    easy answer....

    Casemate.... rigid leather and allows for full functionality. Has a little screen protector and if dropped, you'd be fine.

    Probably in the Apple Store like at AT&T.

    There problem solved.
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