Case-Mate 'iPhone 5' Cases Headed to AT&T

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    Earlier this month, case manufacturer Case-Mate drew some attention for promotional images that briefly appeared on its site showing cases for the rumored redesigned "iPhone 5" form factor. Case-Mate quickly pulled the page, however, replacing it with a signup form for potential customers to receive information, as well as a note indicating that the company believes that Apple will be releasing both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 models next month.

    Hope for the arrival of the redesigned iPhone 5 form factor has been waning as Apple's media event approaches with no concrete signs of the device, but BGR reports that Case-Mate's iPhone 5 cases have now appeared in AT&T's inventory database.


    The entries point to three different case designs for the iPhone 5, including versions of its Barely There, Pop!, and Touch Case lines. The appearance of the cases in AT&T's inventory system is certainly not significant evidence that Apple will be introducing a redesigned iPhone 5 next week, but it is interesting that the carrier is apparently at least making the effort to arrange for offering cases based on the design.

    Article Link: Case-Mate 'iPhone 5' Cases Headed to AT&T
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    Is it going to be an iphone 4s or an iphone 5? Enough already!
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    Good to see some iPhone 5 stuff instead of this 4s crap
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    Barely There, for all your protection needs.

    Seriously though, it could be that these are just the revision to the iPhone 4's case that they are calling iphone 5 since it is potentially the only model coming out.
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    Um, if the image is accurate, then there is definitely an iPhone 5 in that design. AT&T is absolutely aware of what the new iPhone is going to look like, they've already field tested it for network stability at this point. It's not as if AT&T would order cases not knowing if they were going to need them or not. They aren't the greatest mobile service, but they certainly are not complete morons.
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    Why does Macrumors keep shooting down the iPhone 5 rumors?

    I think the case matte iPhone 5 cases being sent to AT&T and the WSJ article is pretty good evidence!

    Here's to hoping for an iPhone 5! :)
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    Most people are assuming that if it was the same form factor they wouldn't call it the 5.
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    How is this "not a big deal"? This is some of the most concrete evidence YET.
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    I think both. Or an 8GB iPhone 4 with a new iPhone 5.
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    Through their own logic. Nothing in Apple's numbering scheme thus far supports that. They only just recently went to the iterative number with iPhone 4.
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    I'm just glad to see any news pointing to an iPhone 5 with a new design and possible larger screen. Though I'm about to give up hope, a piece of me thinks that maybe Apple just locked down production really good this year. No serious leaks. That or they're putting all the iPhone 4S crap out there to throw people off track, when it's really just the 8GB $99 iPhone 4 model.

    I'll be especially disappointed if the iPhone 5 doesn't have 64GB of storage. I'm about full on space as it is. How can we be expected to store 1080p videos? That's going to eat up a lot of space alone!! And don't tell me iCloud. No way any cell network can handle millions of customers constantly uploading large 1080p video files all over the place. At least not in the next several years.
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    I second this, not to mention the really good Apps are starting to come in much larger sizes. PLEEEEEEASE Apple, no matter what the design, PLEEEEEASE give us a 64GB option. :apple:
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    Prepare for disappointment. The only way that would happen is if Apple introduced an additional $399 model, which seems unlikely. 64 GB flash chips are too expensive.
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    How is this not "Front Page" news??
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    It is!
  16. djrod, Sep 29, 2011
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    Now we have iPhone 5!
    Now we don't :(

    Now we have iPhone 5!
    Now we don't :(

    Now we have iPhone 5!
    Now we don't :(

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    No bump to 64GB would be a major disappointment. iCloud may cut it in a few years, but not this year or next year. Especially with AT&T and Verizon cracking down on data. Sony has a 64GB player, it's time for Apple to do the same.

    - typed from my 64GB iPod Touch 3rd gen.
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    iCloud don't work as a cloud hard drive, you have to download the media to your iPhone so you need the free space in the phone anyway
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    Your iPod touch has 64GB because it can fit two NAND chips. The iPhone can only fit one, so a 64GB chip needs to be available for them to even be able to offer it. That's why you didn't see one on the iPhone 4. I believe solutions exist now, so it's up to apple for the iphone 5.

    However, if they adopt a strategy more similar to Amazon's, they won't need to increase it anymore.
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    fixed ;)

    Regarding the OP, this is fantastic hope..I'm still comparing this to the iPad 2 and believing that we'll see a redesign.
  21. DT80, Sep 29, 2011
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    iphone 5

    I could tell you that my best friend works at AT&T and that he took a picture of his computer screen at work showing the inventory database..

    Or i could tell you that I just made my own "inventory database" image with photoshop, took a picture with my iPhone and posted it here.


    Easy as that..
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    Ooooops thanks
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    That's what I was about to do!
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    The plot thickens :)
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    Whoever took that original image must have done so with an iPhone 4. I can tell by that characteristic blue blob in the middle of the photo. :p

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