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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by modifiedbear, May 12, 2011.

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    I've seen this link thrown around here on other threads but has anyone pulled the trigger on this yet? Any reviews out there?

    I got the Incase Book Jacket when I picked up my Ipad2, just because it was the only thing available. Nothing terribly wrong with it, just looking for something with the Smart Cover feature and a little softer feel.
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  3. tp1
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    I also see this site around, and I want to buy a smart cover like that. Is there any body tried this, give some review of them? Thanks.
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    I'm surprised apple allows the blatant ripoffs of their first gen case to be sold. Anywy, yu can get the same thing on eBay for half or less.
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    Yes, Acase are pretty much the same thing and you can buy them on Amazon and on eBay for $23 shipped. You can search Google for reviews..
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    I've searched, yes, Acase is cheaper, but they are not the same cases, so I don't think they can compare with each other.
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