CaseCrown iPad 2 Omni Cover Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Hitomic, Jul 6, 2011.

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    They just released this case, and Casecrown contacted me and they're sending one my way. I should have it by early next week, then I'll let you know some early impressions, then have a full review in a couple weeks
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    Ordered off ebay for $22 shipped. Pictures look good. I just hope the cover is the same material as the smart case and that the back is rubberized or matte. I figured for the price I might as well give it a chance.
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    Oh, if you want to order directly from casecrown there is a 30% coupon on
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    That's great! I look forward to your review before I make a purchase but the case does look promising.

    Thanks for the heads up on the discount code.
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    Well, I got the case in early. The polycarbonate shell is a nice soft touch material, but it does get dirty after some time of use. Cutouts however are perfect.

    The top part looks like the smart cover, but the inside isn't lined in microfiber, it seems to be a polyurethane material on the inside and outside. The magnets are pretty powerful and the stand does stay in place

    Its pretty good so far, but lets see how it holds up
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    That is awesome. I was concerned about the magnets. Is there a magnet in the back of the case to hold the cover back?

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    I wish there was, but sadly no.
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    Thanks for the reply., Ill try the feeler gauge trip when mine comes in and report back.
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    Hi, I was also hoping it had a magnet on the back.. What did u mean by "feeler gauge trip"?
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    Hi, im very interested in this case. Could you post some pics so we can get a better idea of what it looks like? Also, how is the quality of the leather front cover? Is it comparable to the Apple Smart cover?
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    is the plastic smooth or rubbery? Wondering about the amount of grip.
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    Here are some pictures (sorry about the quality, they're from my phone)

    @Digidesign - The plastic is rubbery and soft touch



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    Thanks for those shots. Can you take one of the edge/hinge between the cover and the back? Is it actually hinged, or just a solid piece that bends? What are your thoughts on how that portion will hold up over time?

    I've been eyeing the STM Skinny; however, I didn't really like the flap. If this CaseCrown is relatively thin/light, it could be the perfect answer.
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    its actually hinged on. It actually feels very slim in the hands. As for the top flap, it seems to be made of a vinyl material, it was a bit stiff to bend when I got it, but it loosened up now.
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    Typo. Feeler gauge trick. Place a thin piece of metal inside the back of the case and if the magnet is strong and the plastic thin the cover will stick. Some people did this with the belkin snap case.

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    Thanks for the pics! It looks like a nice case... Do let us know if you have any more comments or observations about it...
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    Oh I see. Could you point me to the site where it shows how it was done with the Belkin case? Would like to see exactly how it's done. Thanks!
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    This looks like a really awesome case! Exactly what I wanted.

    Maybe I will cancel my Toblino 2 and get this one. I will greatly appreciate more in-depth reviews.
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    Thanks, got it from ebay too.

    This is exactly what I'm looking for and from the reviews and pictures, the case looks great. Hopefully, it will be the first and last cover I buy.
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    Too bad it doesn't come in white.
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    edit: nvm. I was looking at it wrong.

    Casecrown says that this is their best case for the iPad by far. Interesting. I hope it lives up to the hype.
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    Wow it looks really really nice.

    To those that have it is it really slim compared to the majority of cases out there? Or is it bulky? It seems slim and that's just what I'm looking for

    Another question is the smart cover thing detachable?
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    Haven't received the case yet, but I'm 100% sure it's not detachable.

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