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Cases for 11 macbook air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by dlamin517, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I am struggling to find any cases for the 11 inch macbook air. Incase is sold out of theirs everywhere and I dont seem to see any other cases availible through apple or other retailers.
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    I was having the same problem as i just got my air last week, but since i take it everywhere i just picked up a netbook case at a local kmart just to protect it for the time being till i find something i really like and dont mind shelling out the cash for..

    otherwise check on Amazon too
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    I had the same issue, but luckily I work near an Apple store. after a month of going in nearly every lunch they had the incase cases in stock. They are out there and on the apple website you can order them, you may just have to wait.
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    Picked up my pink Incase sleeve Plus at the Apple Store! Apparently it is revised over the original version. It comes in black, too but they sell out fast.
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    The Speck clear plastic case is very nice.
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  7. hsl
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    The Speck clear and black "shell" type cases are available at Fry's Electronics and MicroCenters in the US. I bought this MacCase Vintage Leather "Flight Jacket" and LOVE iT !!

    http://www.mac-case.com/Leather Site/MacCasePLJackets.html

    Worn as a Backpack, or carried by the top strap so it never looks like a "Man purse"...
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    I don't think the Muzettos are ever actually in stock. I think you have to place an order, then wait for the "production run." That's what I was told when I contacted SFbags.
  11. icloud, Feb 18, 2011
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    Ahh, this looks awesome!! I think I finally found my sleeve. :)
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    Yeah ya did!
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    Does the macbook air just have sleeves and things like wrapsol or are there clip on actual cases?
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    It definitely looks like a nice sleeve, but $49 + tax + shipping for two small pieces of thick wool and some stitching seems like a lot. :eek:

    I think I'll take the idea, go down to my local fabric shop, pick of some similar wool (perhaps even remnants) and have the seamstress down the street make me one for $10
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    I always like the be.ez LaRobe sleeves. I don't have a MBA yet but I had one for every other portable in the last few years. They're made of the same 'mouse-pad' material as most other sleeves but they're a bit more rigid and thicker than most. They stay in shape even when you hold them by one end.

    If you're looking for a really compact sleeve to preserve the MBA's thinness, they'd be too big. But they do provide good protection and I'll probably get one if I end up getting a MBA.
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    Booq apparently doesn't stock these, I ordered mine in January, after a 2 week wait it showed up early. It's a great case though, I'm glad I got it!
  20. hsl
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    i just went ahead and bought a case for a 13" macbook from my local best buy. i just need something to protect my mba in my backback. this will suffice i guess
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    I have this exact same one, and love it - perfect amount of padding for a bag with minimal bulk.
  23. Acorn, Feb 19, 2011
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    Man I got a clear plastic case from amazon for 25 bucks. The case was highly rated and looked just like a spec case. It turns out its horrible. It fits like crap and when you open the lid all the way it makes a snapping noise because the top and bottom shell rub at the hinge area. I ended up throwing it away. Total waste of twenty five bucks. It also scratched the living he'll out of my air getting it off. Practically broke the lid getting it off.
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    The Speck case for 49.95 is worth the extra 25 bucks, imo.
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    Speck hard coverand tucano netbook wallet

    People have mentioned the speck case, i think it's fine for thin protection, saves on dings/scratches, i use it in my case.

    After running into every store from kmart to peter hermann in manhattan, i found this case at bhphoto


    It fits snugly nice, enough room for apples ugly outdated powerbricks and a mouse, zipper pocker for travel docs/phones. It's simple black with a sleek handle. Shoulder strap is a pieces of s* but it's $20...

    Overall i've used it on a dozen trip and does the job until a real case comes out. vaja cases makes a sleeve, but no case yet

    btw - like using the speck with it so the mouse or power adapter metal components don't scratch the cover

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