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Cases for New iPod Nano?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 31, 2007.

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    iLounge points to new cases from Uniea which appear to be a case for the rumored iPod Nano.


    Photos of the upcoming iPod Nano were leaked and later pulled at the request of Apple, and are expected to make their debut at Apple's September 5th media event.

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    noooooo...I hope they don't actually release the phatPod.
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    i agree.. ... the case will definately start foliding around the edges of the click wheel...looks official.

    Please...please ipod touch with wifi sept 5!!! its either that or iphone.
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    oh no:confused:
    I still can't believe such an ugly product would come out of apple's award-winning design team.:eek:
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    I'm hoping that this is a new flash video iPod that lies inbetween the nano and the full sized "touch" iPod. Then we would have shuffle, nano, "this thing", and the "touch".

    Apple, don't kill the nano. :(
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    much like the western world, it looks like iPod is gonna grow fatter :p

    oh well, touch screen iPod come on baby.
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    Oh my gosh. it seems like the rumours are really true?!

    Well Apple design was bound to come up with a turkey eventually right?!:(:eek:
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    I'm pretty sure Apple wants video on all iPods with a screen. The old nano would have been too small.

    I like the new design and I'm sure it feels great in the hand.
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    It would really suck if Apple pulled the fAtno because of dislike for it and they needed to dispose of all the U-Suit's :p
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    I guess this is what it means to "think different." Throw away tried and true designs for something new even if you have to break the laws of design itself like *cough cough* the golden ratio.
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    its kind of weird that it says 'made for new ipod'. makes me think they will disocontinue the nano, making the phatpod the new ipod. making the ipod touch a completely new product line.
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    I've always wondered how the accessory people know the exact dimensions of new products. Especially ones that are kept under such tight wraps like the Apple stuff. :confused:
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    Maybe, just maybe, this was to drive traffic to their site?

    It's VERY easy to create an image in photoshop and market it.
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    OMG, the phat nano is actually coming. I hope Apple doesn't discontinue the old nano immediately. It would funny to see them side by side.
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    How does apples new products keep getting leaked. I bet steve is starting to get pretty angry.
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    The new iPod nano will NOT be the star of the show on Sept 5th. The iPod Touch will steal ALL the thunder, and Steve Jobs will play down the new nano, like he did with the mac mini update.
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    I am hoping for shuffle, nano, fat and touch aswell.
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    Wow. I really can't believe this iPod nano is going to be real.........
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    i'm still not entirely convinced they'll ditch the current nano body style. i think the fat-nano is really a new model - hopefully the rebirth of the mini.

    if it is the new nano, i'm not really sure what people are complaining about. most people i hear really want the ipod touch. and if they do an ipod touch, then apple is going to want an ipod that has a look that is similar to the current 5.5g.

    i personally don't care much about a touch screen, unless it adds some significant features. i have a laptop i'd much rather watch movies on than on a small screen, and i control my ipod more by feel (i.e. through my pants pocket) than i actually look at it.

    so, if they release the fat-pod, i will probably be in line to buy it. my current nano is full, and i've been wanting a larger capacity. 16 gigs would be plenty for me - hopefully that's the route they go.
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    Not so fat

    Hei hei,

    I really think it's gonna look great, and tiny, not fat at all!
    Just take the present version of the Nano and cut i in two pieces. Smaller, still with screen and the wheel. I just think it's great for the ones who look for a small high capacity audio player.

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    It would suck for this company if Apple decides not to release the alleged 'Pod.
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    I'm still not so sure this is real. But even if it is, I wonder what they have instore for nike+
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    My thoughts as well.... It's fugly, I thought Apple would design something better than that, but then it has been released yet so I might be all incorrect (hopefully).

    Maybe Apple is due for a bad design??
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    another possible case...

    this was found on the fashion label Balenciaga's web site. looks quite fishy to me. here's a small screenshot...

    click for full screenshot

    or check for yourself

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