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Casio Announces 'Bluetooth Low Energy' Enabled G-Shock Smart Watch

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Casio has officially announced the Bluetooth G-Shock, a $180 Bluetooth v4-enabled smart watch. Though the watch will ostensibly be competing with the Pebble e-paper wristwatch, the G-Shock is in a bit of a different category.

    It's a much more traditional watch, looking nearly identical to other G-Shock watches, water resistant to 200m, and with significantly fewer features resulting from its Bluetooth v4 connectivity than the Pebble. When paired with an iPhone, the Casio smart watch can automatically set its own time, alert you to incoming calls and email, and locate your iPhone from the watch.

    The watch only works with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 at the moment. They are the only iPhones that support the new Bluetooth Low Energy specification which we've covered previously. Casio isn't the only company to adopt Bluetooth Low Energy; the Pebble watch and other watches like the Strata are both using the same technology.

    There are a number of other possible uses for Bluetooth LE including heart rate monitors, proximity sensors like the one built into the Lockitron lock, and more. These products, however, have been slow to come to market.

    The G-Shock uses an ordinary watch battery and the company says it should last 2 years when connected to Bluetooth for 12 hours per day. The watch lists for $180 and has limited availability at select retailers.

    Article Link: Casio Announces 'Bluetooth Low Energy' Enabled G-Shock Smart Watch
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    for all the people who still think this throw back is cool
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    This is exactly where I was hoping Apple was taking the 6th generation iPod Nano. But I guess that would have fallen outside of their newfound Incremental Advances Only motif.
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    Incorporate this into the Casio Pathfinder series, and I'll get one in a heart beat...Seems pretty cool the possibilities you could achieve with this
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    If it didn't look so ridiculous...
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    People who think G shock watches are cool....

    Well let's just say i'm willing to bet that they get laid way less often compared to someone who wears classy watches...

    Just saying.
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    The features are completely worthless.
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    Interesting, too bad its in a massive behemoth of plastic...

    And the actual notification area is a tiny dot matrix piece of the screen... They should make the entire bottom part dot matrix so you can actually see something without waiting for it to scroll... I'd just rather pull the phone out and check the notification otherwise.

    Maybe they'll incorporate this in future products that are not as gnarly looking as the Gshock series.
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    Taking it back, you would think the technology inside this watch would deserve a better design.

    Love the idea, but I'll stick to my watch I have.
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    The Strata is shipping.
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    Yeah, because switching to a monochrome display just so a couple people could wear it as a watch would have been so revolutionary.

    No matter what happens there will always be people complaining. Always.
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    Great idea. Then you have a hipster cool design as well as a battery change every two months.
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    Why is this front page news...:rolleyes:
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    A watch only geeks and nerds would love.
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    It looks like a kids watch


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    I have another device that can tell time, set its own time, and alert me to incoming calls and email. It's called my iPhone.
  19. tgi
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    Well let's just say i'm willing to bet that people who criticize other people's tastes in watches get laid way less often compared to someone who could care less...

    Just saying.
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    This is SO TRUE. I wore my G-Shock all last week and I only got laid 3 times. I wore my RADO the week before and I got laid 6 times!!
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    Try wearing one of you're purdy watches downrange in a combat zone.....
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    As the operating range of bluetooth is very limited, I don't see a single useful feature here, except you look so great, that you need to scare off some chicks with its obnoxious 1990's design.

    Dear 1990s - no offense intended.
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    So there are people that still wear watches?
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    because if you could care less if defeats the purpose of saying it.

    But I DO agree with you! :)

    Regarding the watch, I don't know about you guys but my phone is always with me or very near. Why would I need my watch to confirm my phone is in fact ringing? It would be cooler to predict when my phone is about to ring! I'd buy that.
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    If the iPhone 4S or 5 were around in the late 80s, I might have wanted this.

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