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castration by choice!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by virividox, Mar 3, 2004.

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    Wow, he's NUTS! (Collective groan)

    ...but seriously, he's nuts... :eek:
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    He definitely has serious pycho/social issues. This will definitley be a permanent fix. Many start on the chemical castration and then stop treatments. The jury is still out if this actually works. There is still the psychological component. He will still need psychological counselling.
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    wat might be odd, is if he ever gets out and decides it was a mistake and decides to sue, saying he was influenced blah blah blah
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    quite frankly, I think it's admirable. He knows he can't control himself, and is willing to go this length to stop hurting others.

    Just curious, how could the "jury be out on whether this works?" Without testicles he'll have no sex drive, meaning he'll have no motivation to molest. Unless you think his underlying psychology will still drive him to molest even though he'll get no sexual gratification from it... but I don't buy that.

    IMHO, what we have here is a sick person who really doesn't want to hurt others and who is brave enough to do something really drastic to control himself.
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    When i first read the thread title, i was afraid this was about extreme fetishism. Self-mutilation fetishes freak me out. But, this makes a bit more sense. Overall, I'd say this is positive, while there are psychological problems that direct the sex drive, this removes the sex drive entirely. I'd say this would be effective for quite a lot of people. Usually pedophiles develop their urges from a fear of inadequacy, normal sex scares the **** out of them basically... So they become sexually attracted to children, which provide a non-judgemental and inexperienced sex outlet. Basically, no matter what, the kid they're molesting isn't going to laugh at them for what they perceive as sexual failure. Anyway, as i said, if the sex drive wasn't there at all, it would stop this problem before it starts, psychologically... However, in cases caused by other problems (such as childhood trauma) or in prolific molestors, where the sexual desires are pathalogical, castration may not work... I believe that pedophilia is a reversible illness, and I don't judge pedophiles (non-active), but i sure as hell wouldn't want my kid on the streets with them, unless i was sure that the treatment was 100% effective.

    Unfortunately, until more studies go to this, treatments will remain iffy... and they won't do studies on it until the public is ready to deal with the problem. :rolleyes:

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    I agree 100%
  8. mvc
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    Without wanting to be too negative, this might be driven more by guilt and a desire to feel punished than any altruistic thoughts. The guy clearly has major issues in the first place, and harming himself in this way is hardly a means of genuinely clearing them up.

    He may be doing a genuinely selfless thing. But since his behaviour to this point has been all about him and his needs, that would be a major change.

    Pity the article doesn't give an interview.
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    i do agree this is psychological, i also believe that his problems will be helped by no longer producing the normal amount of testosterone. it is a very powerful chemical, which does not cause bad behavior, but can help promote it in a psychologically ill person. i am all for reducing the amount of testosterone in convicted sexual predators.

    btw- didn't the army make a shot/pill that makes you impotent? this would be a good part of punishment for people like this.
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    He was taking meds that were the equivilant of physical castration. I assume he didn't want to take them forever, I imagine there are some side effects he was hoping to avoid.

    I felt bad enough taking my puppy to get his stones removed... I can't even imagine if they were mine. <shiver>
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    As long as he does't harm anyone else I'm fine with this procedure...

    Anyway -- They are doing it the humane way, not the Old Skool 18th Centrury no sleeping gas way.

    You go to sleep they are there
    You wake up they are not.
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    i felt so bad when my dog had to lose his boys. imagine how violated you would be if some giant knocked you out and you woke up sans your junk.
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    The five year old he sexually assaulted in 1990 is now 19, I say they let him perform the castration with a rusty pair of left-handed safety scissors.

    The majority of pedophiles re-molest and re-molest again in a crime that destroys multiple lives. The very idea that this guy would ever be let out of prison let alone receive bail disgusts me. This is a crime driven not by some deranged need for sexual gratification but is instead driven by the need to dominate and destroy peoples lives. Castration whether actual castration or chemical castration will do nothing to curb this sick mans appetite for evil.

    May he die after the procedure from a slowly progressing, untreatable, nosocomial strep infection that eats away at his groin leaving nothing but a weeping hole and hideous pain.
    *choi-pfft* (spitting noise)
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    Maybe you are thinking about Saltpeter. Used in recruits to prevent an erection.

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    And it causes some serious gas. ;)

    Anywho... this reminds me of a Hemingway story I read once. Something about a nut kid who self-amputated his, uh, member, and then was rushed to the hospital. Hemingway, of course, took it as a metaphor for a despicable man who denies his native masculinity, but Hemingway was always a bit shallow, despite his superb artistic skills.

    I say if you want to take a permanent solution to ridding yourself of a desire that, for you, is unhealthy, then by all means.
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    fwiw- i never believed the army WAS doing it. i just thought they wanted to to it. also- i don't think i was thinking of saltpeter.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't get it - the link you provided clearly indicates that its a false statement....

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    If he's in the prison choir, does this mean he's going to be a soprano now?
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    I was responding to idkew's comment about the Army trying to control soldiers. Not necessarily commenting on its effectiveness.
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    You know, in classical times there was a class of male singer known as the castrato. The last one died in the early 20th century IIRC.

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