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Castro picture photoshopped?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Heb1228, Aug 13, 2006.


Photo real or fake?

  1. Real

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  2. Fake

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    The newspaper looks fake probably because it's a one-off the gov't printed specifically for use in that photo. It's the paper that makes it look odd...it's obviously not the rough pulp that the average newspaper uses. It's definitely a propaganda photo, but otherwise I think it's genuine...

    just my opinion
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    Definite fake - the headline on the newspaper is too dark for the quality of light the photo was taken in.
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    I meant the text on the paper looked strange to me, not necessarily the brightness of the paper itself (though that is slightly odd). Like jive said, the lighting and it just doesn't seem to lay on the paper that way it should.
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    now that I'll give you...it does look a bit too dark, doesn't it?

    but put in after the photo was taken? If so, that's some damn fine work...

    I would guess that, if anything, the newspaper was re-touched (levels, curves) to make it jump out a bit...
  6. j26
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    I saw a few minutes of a 2002 documentary about him and he didn't look that well, so I'm guessing fake.

    Love the Addidas top on him though, the colours really suit him :D :D
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    Actually, what's the context of the photo?

    *hasn't been keeping with world affairs*
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    *US still blowing up creepy foreigners*

    actually, Castro had been hospitalized for a while (for what exactly I'm a bit unsure...heart ailment I think), and his brother had been acting head of state during his stay. So I'm guessing this is a recovery room photo.

    EDIT: it was a gastro-intestinal ailment, in fact. It required surgery, so I'm guessing this would qualify as a post-op photo...
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    What I find amusing is the Red White & Blue jogging suit he is wearing. :eek:
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    they are the Cuban national colors...curious, no?

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    It does resemble more of the US Flag than the cuban flag though. I doubt Adidas would make a track suit based upon the cuban flag. But thanks for posting the flag, I found it interesting. Always like learning new things.

    Sorry for derailing this thread.
  12. j26
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    the Cuban flag is based on the US flag.

    At one stage they were planning to apply to become a US state.
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    having worked in the garment industry, I have no doubt that Adidas would try to cash in on the Cuban thing. The company where I worked made a freakin' mint off of Puerto Rican/Cuban patriotic stuff. It's HUGE in Florida. The only reason we didn't do Mexican patriotic stuff is because Mexico does not allow the national flag to be used in that way i.e. for tshirts, promotional items, etc...
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    Obviously you have never been to Salinas!

    But back on track, that photo does look photoshopped, but I am not sure why they would really need to do that. Photoshopping has been getting quite a few journalists / photographers / nations / states / orginizations in trouble lately.
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    Real. The text is just as black as the adidas logo, so that doesnt prove its fake unless the adidas logo is fake too (which would be silly). You also have to ask why they would photoshop something so stupid. What else would he be holding up? Cat Fancy Magazine? If they wanted to photoshop something they would have done something more sensational rather than a stupid paper which would have been easier to just print out first.

    Due to the adidas logo and the fact that there is no reason whatsoever to photoshop something trivial like that, it has to be real.

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