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Caught Jony Ive While Waiting In Line

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by SamGabbay, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. SamGabbay, Jun 9, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2013

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    My husband
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    An actual photo of Jony Ive about to walk through a doorway.

    I think there is a lot of information hidden here...:rolleyes:

    ;) :D

    BTW: I seemed to have missed the waiting in line part...
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    Can't help but notice how his shoes and briefcase match.

    There's a clue: maybe iOS 7 isn't flat, it's beige.
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    I think the OP meant that he was the one waiting in line not Ive.
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    What are you waiting in line for?
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    Yeah, I just thought of that:eek::eek:

    I was just going to edit it out...too late!:p
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    For the Keynote tomorrow
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    That's not him.
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    A big Mac n fries of course! :p
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    Um yep it is. Shoes and briefcase give it away.
  13. Feltzem, Jun 9, 2013
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    His blue shirt could signify a shift towards blue navigation elements, while his white pants show a cleaner, brighter look coming to iOS 7. His flat beige shoes indicate that the color scheme of the Find My Friends app will remain, but adopt a flatter look with an absence of heavy textures or skeumorphism.

    He's walking through a doorway, which could be revealing that iOS 7 will introduce a 'doorway' UI metaphor, with extra UI elements hidden behind digital doors which remain transparent so that the previous UI is still visible.

    Finally, he's walking through the 16/17/18 entrance. If you subtract 16 from 17 and add one third of 18, you get 7. iOS 7 confirmed.
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    With Mr Ive as your avatar, I'd say you're suitably qualified to recognise him in a millisecond! :D


    Yeah you're right - it's his twin, Ony Jive...
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    looking awesome as always! too bad i couldn't be there:(. i hope apple releases some great software versions at the WWDC
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    You should have called "Hey, Jony!" and asked him to pose - I would have. I called Richard Branson across in Leicester Square, London years ago, and he stood with me whilst my friend took photos. A photographer needs to take some "risks" and ask, or no shot. Great photo, but imagine if you had got a face shot... or one of you and him - you'd be 1000x happier :)
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    I couldn't agree more
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    I know those shoes. Also because I have a pair myself...most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, but not cheap.
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    With that blue shirt, it looks like Jony just finished his shift at the local Apple Store!!
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    I think it would be awesome if Jony presents iOS 7 tomorrow.
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    VERY nicely done!:cool:

    It's all in those highly refined interpretive skills!

    :D :p
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    This just in: Main colors of iOS 7 will be blue, white, and bald
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    is that the new oversized ipad he's carrying under his arm? confirmed
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    The iPhone in his hand is probably running the new iOS, look at how strong of a grip he's holding it with. (Don't want another lost prototype story)
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    He probably had - he works at the best Apple store in existence!!

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