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CCNA 640-801 Exam Simulator

Discussion in 'Community' started by craigdawg, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Anyone working towards, or recently earned their CCNA?

    (CCNA = Certified Cisco Network Associate in case there's another CCNA out there in certification land).

    I'm studying for the 640-801 and want to purchase an exam simulator and am looking for recommendations.


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    Hey there

    I've got my CCNA, however I got mine over a year ago now and things have changed since then (different test I believe). However, when I was studying, I found the Boson router simultator to be a fantastic aid. It was without a doubt the most realistic one I found.

    I might still have some study guides and things I could send you...lemme look around :)
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    ugh I've taken the first two classes towards a ccna through the local community college. They are probably the toughest courses I've ever taken (except for the COBAL course I had to take). Any way, if you have access to the cisco website, they have a free router simulator there for your use. I think you need to sign up/take a class or something to have access to it though.
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    My friend just got his CCNP.
    I can only imagine how much work that must have been...
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    Thanks MattG. I have a router simulater already (NetVis 4.0) and it's been a big help since I don't have access to real equipment.

    I'm looking for an exam simulator with questions and labs to practice with. Any suggestions?
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    Are you doing the Cisco Academy courses? I thought about going that route but I'm trying to do self-study. We'll see what happens.
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    I've got a cisco lab sim. > http://willscorner.net/eLab_Sem3_v1.zip

    It only works in OS 9 because it is shockwave based.

    I'm taking a CCNA class next year (it's a two year class and very easy, I could have already passed the exam but hey this gets rid of my required voc ed credits heeh).

    If you need any help with anything let me know :)
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    Thanks! I'll check it out when I get home tonight.
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    good luck on your road towards certification...for large companies, it's a very up to date piece of paper which can get your foot in the door and it's harder than microsoft's MCP or novell's CNA

    many in the IT industry have only a certification but none command the respect of the CCNA when it comes to entry level certs

    of course, the next level, which only some cisco types reach, is the CCNP and CCDP, and the top level, which is the most exclusive club in the certification world, is the CCIE

    people who don't have certifications may knock your certification as not being related to the "real world" of IT, and people with degrees may knock certifications as a "shorter, less dedicated path", and while both criticisms are accurate, nothing changes the fact that human resources people give the nod to certified techs over anyone else...maybe it's not fair, maybe it is, but in the meantime, while certifications are the number one criteria for getting hired off the street and moving up through a large, anonymous company, it's smart to get some certification(s) behind your name

    once you have proven yourself and people know you, then it's "your name" which gets you the promotions and the freelance work...but there is no better start than a certification
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    Yes. It's two nights a week, 4 hours a night. We do both bookwork and practical work. Oh, and I do Saturdays, on my own, for about 4 hours redoing the practical, and time during the week studying.

    I know some people that are breezing through this stuff, but they sometimes (or always) do this stuff at work. I, on the other hand have never touched a router, outside the lab. So I have a handicap when it comes to doing this stuff.

    I do know that I don't like the classes; in fact I am seriously considering not finishing the courses. But I don't know. I have to think on it some more :confused:
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    Just passed the test today. The test is not easy. Passing is 849/1000. There's a write-up at tcpmag.com, which is an excellent resource for those who have or want Cisco certifications.

    The test is very detail-oriented, so know all the little things about the topics covered in the exam. ACLs are used in a B I G way in the CCNA exam, so make sure you know how to write and apply them better than you know the back of your own hand.

    If you're looking for Simulators/Practice tests, I'd suggest going with Boson, since they're very reputable and they have a fantastic router simulation app. Works exactly like the real thing.

    Anyway, good luck to you in pursuing the CCNA.
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    Congratulations, ibookin'. It sounds like nobody passes unless they are serious about preparing well. Which makes it all the more valuable to have the certification.
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    congrats ibookin

    many a college cs grad fails that test...and you're still in high school ;)
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    Thanks and congrats. When I've heard or read feedback from different people, there was always seems to be one thing that was stressed on the exam, in your case access lists. I've heard the same about subnetting. I also heard to be safe, you should type out the entire command syntax instead of abbreviating it.

    Question: did you feel pushed for time?
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    hehe hes not in high school ;)
    congrats nevertheless :)

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