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CD Burner, and Itune

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by empereur, Oct 22, 2003.

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    Hello People, I have two questions:

    1, I am new at Mac, I have a 12 inch 1 G that I just brought. I am using the CD burner, but I can't delete any files nor can I erase the CD to blank. I thought since there is no floppy disk, the CD burner substitute it. Please let me know what to do about using CD burner as a floppy disk which one can ad or delete files such as doc of word process. My assumption is that I have to buy burning softwares such as Nero.

    2. I have a tough time to use Itune or Imovie. IE. I can't close the lip while listening to music, it goes to sleep automatically, and my imovie won't play any AVI movies, I guess it is only made to edite clips.

    Finally, should I upgrade to Panther and to

    Thanks so much
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    I hope this wll help you a bit:
    1) If you want to re-use a CD-R, you'll have to get a CD-RW (not just CD-R). A CD-RW (CD-Re-Writeable) can be erased, ready to be used again.
    2) iMovie is an application made to make video-editing easy, to edit home made movies. Not to play movies. QuickTime Player is the standard Apple movie player. Video Lan Client is a media player which can play almost all movies (AVI, DivX, MOV, MPEG, DVD...and so on).
    As for playing iTunes music while the lid is closed: I think the PowerBook always sleeps with the lid closed, due to heat issues. I'm not sure of this.... But the iBooks do the same thing.

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