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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Nermal, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Over time, I've seen some interesting/clever CD designs. Post your favourites! It doesn't matter whether they're for audio or software (or DVDs for that matter).

    I'll start off with this one, before anyone else gets a chance! :eek: :p

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    Wow, my thread's off to a fabulous start :rolleyes:
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    My software doesn't come in boxes, it comes in packets from Mr. Torrent. ;)

    I did buy FCP 3, and I think that box is pretty sexy. Oddly enough, I like the Office 2004 educator box.

    At some point, Painter shipped inside a paint can design.
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    These two are taken at my Golf Course (Cronulla)

    About 10 min walk from my house.

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    1 for music, 1 for software
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    I think you meant to post in the Where You Live thread? ;)
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