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cd drive will not read disc

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Clp. Vasilli, Jun 21, 2010.

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    i have a mac g3

    600 mgz
    320 mb ram
    the dc drive is not dvd capable

    when ever i put a cd in the drive makes noise then the cd comes out
    i've tryed the pr reset
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    Sounds like the slot-loading drive is broken - what sort of noise does it make? (Im lucky that my 500Mhz ones drive is just about working still, even if it cant eject more than 0.5 of an inch). If its definitely broken youll need to get a new drive, either a FireWire External, or a new Internal (The replacement job is rather complicated however as it requires disassembling most of your mac).
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    two buzing noises then after 5-7 s it comes out

    oh wellit was free any way
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    what i've done and it always works is blow some compressed air in there. the reader may be dirty.
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    I thought this model either had a DVD drive or DVD-CDRW combo drive? Does it spit out all discs or just certain ones?
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    i do'nt think its a dvd

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