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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sean7512, Dec 14, 2006.

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    I have a quick question. I bought some CD/DVD Labels, but I was wondering what software will allow me to create the labels so they print correctly? I was thinking of scanning in a label sheet and try using it as a template in Photoshop. I am not sure if that'll work too well. Anyways, is there any Mac software for this, as I the software it came with was for winblows :rolleyes:
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    What's the label brand and number?

    There are PDF templates for some common formats here, Google should turn up more of the same.

    There are also MS Word templates available for download from Avery, Word isn't ideal for this kind of thing but at least you'll have the layout in something that can be saved into a more agreeable format for other software.

    In the past when I haven't been able to find templates, I measured and made a best guess, then printed outlines onto plain paper and held them up to the light against a real label sheet, then tweaked and repeated until it all worked.
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    Here are the labels that I bought. Unfortunately, I cannot find any downloadable templates that match this, not yet at least.
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    They have a Mac program for download here. It has a "print label outlines" button that looks just right for getting the template out to a PDF and into another program, if you find that working in litelabel is as nasty as it looks to me.

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