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CD Insert woes

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ZiggyPastorius, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Basically, I'm preparing for an album release, both digital and small-scale local physical. I need to make the album booklet (I have people working on the cover and artwork by hand) and I'm trying to just create it page by page in Photoshop Elements, so I can send each picture to a local place who will do the printing. My problems are that I don't know how to use photoshop, and I don't know jack about creating CD booklets. Anyone have any tips for a do-it-yourself album cover/booklet that will look decent? How should I go about backgrounds, fonts, et cetera...I just need some help, as I'm so confused.
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    First Photoshop elements isn't the best program to do CD design Layouts with, its possible but not ideal. I would use InDesign but if you only have elements that wont be an option.

    For the actual layout, you could do what ever you want, the only thing stopping you is your own creativity, have seen some amazing CD booklets, but If you have the lyrics for each of the songs on the pages which is a common use for the insert make sure it is readable, Try and tie the Design in with the songs or the overall theme of the Music (if it has one) That should give you an idea, easier than trying to come up with a concept and only having a blank canvas.

    Do you have any rough drafts you can post up so we can see what you have got so far?
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    Er, not really, as I have...nothing. The project is called Industrial Platypus, the album is called Something More Creative. Only three songs have lyrics. The album art is going to be an assembly line with Platypi going in and CDs coming out (The "Pressurised Creativity Machine" - one of the track names). There's going to be a picture of a run-down looking pet shop with a figure like Jack Skellington peeking around it (The first track is called "The Nightmare Before Pet Grooming in Wisconsin"), and I'm also going to have a picture of a ghost Platypus. Other than that, there will be the usual special thanks/album info (like copyright, et cetera), and then the tracks on the back.

    Edit: What are the exact dimensions of a CD booklet? Most places say 120mm, but I held a CD booklet up to the blank canvas in Photoshop and it was a bit bigger than the CD booklet.

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