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cd-r/dvd-r recommendations?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by emacnewbie, Mar 1, 2004.

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    I have a new eMac w/ superdrive and want to start burning discs using iPhoto, iTunes and iDVD but haven't a clue as to which ones to buy. Best brand, type, etc. Any info appreciated.Thanks, Mike
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    The lacie porsche designed external firewire drives are economical, dependable, and fast. www.lacie.com
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    Thanks Jim but what I need is advice on the discs themselselves. Brands like Sony, TDK, Verbatim, etc. and specs such as 4X, 700 mb, etc. I'd like to buy cd-r and dvd-r discs that would work well with the eMac supredrive. Thanks again, Mike
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    I'd check out cddimensions.com, personally I like Mitsui media. It plays in almost everything and is very durable. Comes in injet or thermal printable, bulk, jewel case, sleeves, you name it. I haven't used their DVD-R media, but I wouldn't hesitate to trust it.

    Verbatim is also reliable too.

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    Sometimes burning DVDs that you want to play on regular DVD players works best in Toast and not the native OSX burner. Check around - you can make a lot of coasters without that knowledge.... :(
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    for backing up data, almost any media will work. For making quality audio, you may want to look at dye-less media - sometimes more expensive, but a superior product...and it looks more professional.
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    I've had bad luck with Verbatim and Memorex....

    Note: if a certain brand is cheaper than the others don't get it...you get what you pay for.

    I personally use FujiFilm cd-r and dvd-r and have had zero problems. I usually buy a 100 pack of FujiFilm CD-R.

    Also i suggest buying in large quantity....(without jewel cases) You can get the jewel cases for cheap by themselves.

    One more thing....be careful of places like best buy selling you dvd-r....if its not marked 4x then its not...don't assume that it is...it will probably be 2x or even 1x
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    I don't know anything about dvd-r disks but I do know a lot about cd-r and I have used the cheapest ones out there and had no issues at all. never 1 coaster. I guess its also thanks to my very reliable cdrw drive. its a lite-on, was cheap and came very highly recomended and are fully supported my osx. 90$ canadian about 10 months ago.
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    I've never used Toast to burn a DVD and I've never made a coaster. Not one. I burn a lot of DVDs.

    I haven't found any real differences in media yet. I've tried the Apple-branded disks and right now I've got a spindle of Memorex disks. They all play fine in all players I've tried them in. I also got some Comp USA-branded disks over the summer. They were under a dollar a piece. No issues yet but I'm not expecting the data on them to live forever.
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    If you are backing up DVD movies (like those sold in stores) - you do have to use Toast. Making DVDs of your own stuff is fine.
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    No you don't. After you compress them, make an image of the video_ts folder and burn it in Disk Utility--works great.
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    CD-R's, i go with whatever is cheap or has a good rebate.. i really dont think it matters anymore what brand, unless you're going to be archiving them for a long time.. in that case Mitsui silvers are pretty good, and those TDK armored ones too, but those cost alot more $$ than my $5 spindle of 50 TDK's (with rebate).

    DVD-R, Riteks, Fuji's are good, i personally use Princo's 4x white tops.

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