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cd-rom for bw g3

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by giovanni, Feb 21, 2003.

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    does anyone know here what specs I have to look for in an internal cd-rom that I need to install in my bw g3 (I don't have the original anymore). When I look in the various stores I just have no idea whether there are any compatibility issues I need to know.

    thx much !!

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    thx ! well I ordered pretty much blind one drive (I don't even know what it is...), I have no idea whether it is going to work or not. If not I will check for sure the sites you suggested

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    when i go there on micrsoft IE, it works...but when i go to the homepage of macrumors.com and then click on "discussion forums", then IE quits unexpectedly...so i just click on a thread instead on the right hand side of the page...it's just one of those strange quirks

    i was able to go to experts-exchange.com and login and log back off without any problem...i am not sure what version of IE i am using but it came with my ibook in late-'99 so it's an older version of IE
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    I thought the solution would be to try IE, haven't done so yet.
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    Hey Giovanni, I recently installed a so-called "superdrive" in my B&W, leaving the original CD/DVD-ROM drive homeless. I'll send it to you for the price of the postage. If interested, just email me. I can be reached through the Mac Rumors system (click on the mail icon at the bottom of each post).
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    damned !!!!! I ordered one at google gear since it was so cheap. It should get here on tuesday so if it does not work I will for sure take your offer. But whatever the case, thank you so much !
    It is interesting, I did the same thing as you: install a pioneer A04 in my b&w G3 (it worked great !) but then after a few days I threw the old cd-rom away. These are things that happen a lot in manhattan where space is so valuable and there is never enough of it !

    Anywas, I ordered a Sony CDU5211/CDU5221 52X Internal IDE CD-ROM Bare Drive, for $27 and I have no idea whether it will work at all or not in the g3.

    thx again,
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    Not a problem.

    Why do you need to get a separate CD-ROM? The DVD burner acts as a perfectly capable CD-ROM drive.

    Oh... move to Forest Hills. I lived there for 4 years, and what you pay in Manhattan for a small studio you could get a decent 1-bedroom for. And the E/F/R/G line will get you back into Manhattan within 40 minutes or so.

    IDE is IDE. It's an industry standard. Just make sure that you got the master/slave thing correct.
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    Yes, the A04 I had was all I needed, except that I put it in a Dual 867 that I had which, in turn, I have now sold, superdrive included.
    Now I realize my wife could make good use of the G3 when she brings work from the office. So I was thinking of possibly buy a G4 upgrade so that she could use OS X decently. But then I would need the cd-rom.

    I know, manhattan is just too expensive, but the reason I am here is because I don't want to be elsewhere. I love this place too much. Of course, not being a millionaire I do have to give up on other things, including keeping extra hardware, presumably not needed. But geee is this place a money sucker, it really is crazy.

    Ide is a standard yes, however there are other factors that affect compatibility. This I know from experience; what about all the burners that will not be recognized by the OS or by iTunes ?. All is relative, I guess.


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