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CD stuck in drive

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by deckard666, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Tried burning a CD last night in iTunes and lo and behold it finished the disc but wouldnt eject - I have tried all the usual Terminal, Toast eject, reboot with key held down and mouse button, etc and no joy whatsoever :( Is there any thing else I could try or could I take the Mac apart and manually get it out ? If I take it to a Mac store could they remove it quickly as I cant really have my Mac away for several days ?
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    Your link doesn't work..
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    That link is bad. First, you have an extra "http://" in there. Then, HT1431 is about resetting the PowerBook and iBook Power Manager, not about ejecting a disc from an optical drive.
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    Apologies here is the gist -

    "Mac desktops (Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini):

    Shut down your Mac.

    Unplug your Mac's power cord.

    Press and hold the Mac's power button for 15 seconds.

    Release the power button.

    Reconnect your Mac's power cord.

    Wait five seconds.

    Start your Mac by pressing the power button."
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    Try it, maybe it helps. But what about the other tricks Señor Madman45 and me have linked to? Have none of them worked?
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    Tried all of them before bar "If the disc continues not to eject, reset the Power Manager (PMU) or System Management Controller (SMC) and try steps 1-4 again" which I will try when I get home later.
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    Pull the optical drive out and use a paper clip to poke into the ejector hole to remove the stuck disc.

    When I say pull, I mean physically disconnect and remove it from the computer.

    Should take no more than a minute.

    If this happens often, I'd consider picking up a replacement optical drive.
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    Thats what I'll be doing later then - thanks
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    ....."eñor Madman45" I guess it was a typo, but you are probably right, I am a little crazy...:D


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