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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by Garrett, Aug 3, 2008.

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    I have been trying to load my program onto my iPhone for the longest time, today I stumbled across this post.

    So I decided to delete everything from my Keychain (WWDC Cert, My Cert), remove my provision profiles, and certificates to start over.

    After all of that is done I created a new Certificate (which it allowed me to do without a provision profile set).

    So I go to my Provisional Tab and add a new one and the Certificates area only has "Please create a Development Certificate". I try, and it says I already have one. I try to delete it, and I can't. I try to download my certificate, and I can't.

    I started getting frustrated and I went ahead and checked out my team for some reason and now it says "Certificates - Revoked".

    Is it because I did so many changes so fast? I don't understand what I did wrong! :mad:
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    It happened to me. Twice. I think it is a problem with their application. I just sent them an email, an hour later, I could download my certificates again. But since I thought the certificate had something wrong, I revoked it, and created a new one. And got the same error again. So I sent them a second email, and some time later, it got resolved. So now everything is working fine for me.
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    Just happened to me again too, wth.
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    I just did this same thing...grrrrr...

    I couldn't get my Provisioning Profile to show up in XCode, even though it was on my phone and showed up in Organizer; so I attempted to delete everything and start again. Big Mistake.

    Now my developer cert is in the list, but if I click Download it says "Failed to Download"; if I click Revoke it says "Failed to Revoke"...so there are no other options, so I am fubar.

    Also I now have 2 AppIDs, neither of which I can remove.
    I can't do anything to the Provisioning Profile (the MODIFY button does nothing), I assume this is because my cert is in limbo.

    Also I can't remove Devices?! The REMOVE link does nothing.

    What a complete f'up I am at this so far.
    I should give up now and go write Blackberry apps or something.
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    I sent an e-mail into support both to idp-dts@apple.com and devprograms@apple.com.

    idp replied back that I should clear my cookies. Obviously that wasn't it.
    I guess that's the level of support I get on a Saturday night for my $99 fee :( :confused:
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    I'm surprised and quite impressed that you got any response at all on a Saturday night for $99.
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    Someone cleaned it up, because its working today. No reply as to what was done however. Maybe it's just a timeout thing after so many failed attempts.
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    Jesus Fracking Christ I just did it again...

    When will they fix this part of the portal?

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