CES 2013: HAPIfork is a Digital Fork that Tracks Your Eating Habits

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    HAPILABS HAPIfork (via The Verge) is an electronic fork that is designed to monitor eating habits with built-in Bluetooth, a capacitive sensor, and a vibration motor.

    HAPIfork provides information about eating schedules and alerts users when they are eating too fast, a leading cause of weight gain, according to the manufacturer.

    The fork measures each movement from fork to plate, which is recorded as a "fork serving." The fork monitors how long it takes to finish a meal, the number of fork servings eaten per minute, and the interval between each fork serving.

    All of this information is uploaded through USB or Bluetooth to an online dashboard. The fork is also designed to work with the HAPILABS app to provide a coaching program that encourages better eating.

    HAPIfork will retail for $99.99. The USB version will ship during the second quarter of 2013 and the Bluetooth version will ship during the third quarter of 2013.

    Article Link: CES 2013: HAPIfork is a Digital Fork that Tracks Your Eating Habits
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    I'm going to be the first to say this is retarded.
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    shoot me the ****ing face.
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    Nope. Too far.
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    Is this thing a joke? Or is this serious?
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    April 1st?
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    I'm waiting for the iFork.
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    Eh, I'll hold off for HAPInapkin to help determine my cleanliness.
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    OK, but what if you eat with chopsticks?
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    Guess I'll have to buy two!
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    I want a list of the names of the ...er....um...remarkable consumers :)p) who buy these...things.

    I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am sure I could sell to them.

    All of them...one each...

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    I want iCondom. At least that would benefit my performance.
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    Who gives a fork?
  15. AngerDanger, Jan 6, 2013
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    Fantastic. I've been looking for human repellant. Glad it comes with bluetooth.
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    Is this samsungs new tv?
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    Wait... am I supposed to eat my typical dinner of tacos and a milkshake with a fork now?

    This is gonna be difficult.
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    No, it would just give you a record of how poor it was. :cool:
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    What if you want soup.
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    Go iFork yourself
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    Wut 2 teh fork?

    This is almost the stupidest thing I have seen for iPeople.
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    In my opinion eating healthier foods would be 1000 times more benificial than finishing your meals a few seconds slower... But hey, I guess some people are desperate?
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    Spooning leads to forking.
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    What a forking joke.

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