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CES 2013: LaCie Introduces New 20TB Thunderbolt and NAS Products

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 7, 2013.

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    LaCie introduced a pair of high-capacity storage devices at CES today.

    The first, the LaCie 5big is a 10 or 20TB external RAID box connected via Thunderbolt. The box includes five drives with multiple RAID options for backup and speed, as well as a pair of Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining. The box is $2,199 in 20TB configuration, and $1,199 for the 10TB version.

    LaCie also introduced the 5big NAS Pro, a gigabit ethernet equipped network storage box available in multiple capacities: 0TB (diskless) for $529, 10TB for $1,199, and 20TB for $2,199.
    The 5big Thunderbolt drive is available for order from LaCie today, while LaCie is taking sign ups to be notified when the 5big NAS Pro is available.

    Article Link: CES 2013: LaCie Introduces New 20TB Thunderbolt and NAS Products
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    For those of you who wre around longer than I am, was FireWire as expensive at launch?
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    Lesser Evets

    NO. Though, to be fair, it didn't have as much dynamic peripherals as the TB.

    FireWire wasn't cheap, but it wasn't exorbitant.
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    Finally something that can store my entire collection of educational videos!
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    "I'm afraid I can't let you save that, Dave."
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    Kinda upset to see it doesn't offer mSATA to provide a 32, 64, or 128GB cache drive like the Drobo's have.

    It makes a BIG difference in speed.
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    Digital Skunk

    Agreed! Although, these aren't nearly as bad as the Pegasus enclosures from Promise. Although, the price may be justified with LaCie's track record in QC.

    I am no HDD basher, but I've had my fair share of LaCie power supplies conk out on me.
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    Still waiting on the longer thunderbolt cables to come out so we can hide these things away....
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    DOA for me with only RAID 0 and 1.
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    I was wondering who needed that much storage...
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    Boy do I wish I had $1200 just laying around!
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    Exotic-Car Man

    I don't understand the 0TB. What's the point of a diskless storage device for over $500?
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    supports 5 and 5+spare.

    Wish it had RAID 6 too. Although not sure if performance is better with RAID 5 + Spare or RAID 6.


    So you can provide your own set of disks if you already have a set.

    Or not over pay for the same drives you can get at another retailer
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    Can someone please explain to me why you would choose the NAS over a Thunderbolt model given the identical price and assuming you had a Thunderbolt equipped Mac which could host the Thunderbolt model as a shared disk over a network?

    Given the difference in transfer speeds I can't really work it out - there would be no point putting SSDS in the NAS at those speeds (to be fair there would be little point buying a 5 bay enclosure to kit out with SSDs regardless of connection type given current GB/$ prices for SSDs and HDDs unless you needed über-speed on your remote storage).
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    I've had 3 bad experiences with Lacie and their warranty service finds every excuse not to cover it.

    1 was power supply, 1 was failed drive, 1 was connection issues.

    The failed drive I replaced myself. The one with the bad power supply brick I ended up taking the one with connection issues and trashed the drive enclosure.


    Those speeds are based off of mechanical drives, not SSDs.

    NAS allows the device to be a standalone vs having a Mac/PC on to share files over the network.

    This device would be 100x better having an mSATA port on the bottom for a cache drive.

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    The first 5 MB and 10 MB (Trustor) hard disks for the Apple ][ and ][+ were quite pricey then too. I think they were around the same price back in the 1982-1984 time frame.

    edit: And that really is MB, not GB or TB. Talk about a huge change over the last 30 years.

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    Looking between this new one and version 2, the new one lacks iSCSI, RAID 6, and a few other important things for business use.

    Kinda shocked they dropped that support. Although they did add USB 3.0 and dual link aggregation
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    I was at an educational conference where an Apple engineer was demonstrating a FireWire board with a $300 camera.

    I mentioned how sick I was of dealing with SCSI cables and terminators and would love to have firewire drives. He laughed and explained that FireWire was designed for video.
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    Digital Skunk

    Add to that some HDD manufacturers/retailers have better warranties and coverage.

    I had four bad power supplies from LaCie and justs about all of them went up within the same year . . . . right when the warranty was up.

    I haven't had a single issue with the mobile drives LaCie makes. I've two rugged drives pushing 6 years that haven't given me one single problem.

    I have a short documentary (45 minutes) a colleague and I are working on, and the raw footage alone is pushing 3TBs. I haven't marketed myself to do any freelance post in almost 4 years, but even then, with the small projects I ate 7TBs easy. I am talking 30 second spots eating up 100GBs in raw footage alone.

    Imagine an indie feature.
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    '..... if you know what I mean'
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    Seriously though, I've never heard anything good about LaCie. What's the deal? Is their stuff crap?
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    I'd love one, just wish I had the money!
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    Yup. I switched to Drobo and couldn't be happier. I know a lot of people dislike them, most because of price, but they offer what I need and never had an issue with any of their products other than the Drobo FS which is discontinued.

    I'm considering picking up the Drobo 5N for personal use and killing my file server. I just wish they offered Active Directory/LDAP support.
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    The price is quite good if you calculate for yourself the cost of 5 drives to get to 20 TB, cost of a big enough enclosure with cooling, SATA controllers and a power supply you end up not far from what they're asking. Of course their solution is a bit more expensive but you get a beautiful, compact, small yet high efficiency enclosure with hot swap capability and Thunderbolt connectivity which wasn't included in my comparison.

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