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CES 2013: Parrot 'Flower Power' Monitors Plant Health over Bluetooth

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Parrot, the company behind the iPhone-controlled AR Drone quadricoptor, has debuted its new Flower Power project at CES 2013.

    The system consists of a two-pronged Bluetooth monitoring device that sticks in the soil, and an iPad app. The Verge has a rundown on how it works:
    The app is updated every 15 minutes, pulling information from the device about the sunlight the plant receives, the ambient temperature, and the moisture level and fertilizer content of the soil.

    When plants need attention, the app will provide push notifications, and an included graph allows for the long term tracking of plant health. According to CNET, the tongs can be moved from plant to plant and the system also works with lawns.

    There is no word on a release date or pricing, but Parrot hopes to bring Flower Power to the market sometime in 2013.

    Article Link: CES 2013: Parrot 'Flower Power' Monitors Plant Health over Bluetooth
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    I couldn't care less about such a product personally, but I get the sense that my neighbors who literally mow their lawns daily will care.
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    First thought was that it monitored a plants health instead of Bluetooh...if that makes any sense.
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    Ah, home grows can wirelessly monitor their cash crops.
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    One word: marijuana.
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    but is the cash crop in it's list of plants? otherwise just pick tomatoes or roses and you should be fine. :cool:
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    It, in fact, does not make sense.
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    This article goes hand in hand with the fork one...
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    Is that in it's database of plants?
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    I am sure an alternative app will pop up that will have the correct information for different strains of the medical marijuana, so that your buds will be in a great shape!
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    Now everyone who has an iOs device, will have a green thumb. :D
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    If people need to get rid of money that badly, instead of buying any of this crap, just send me the bags of cash.

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