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CES 2013: ShopKeep POS and Griffin Partner on iPad POS System

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Griffin and ShopKeep POS have partnered up on a new iPad stand with integrated credit card reader, designed to be a physical point of sale terminal for retail stores.

    The stand will be available only to ShopKeep POS customers beginning this quarter.

    The press release does not share details about pricing or how the stand actually connects to the iPad, whether through Lightning/30-Pin ports, or via the headphone jack like Square's more portable card reader does.

    Article Link: CES 2013: ShopKeep POS and Griffin Partner on iPad POS System
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    they need a better acronym than POS...
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    The touch screens on many POS terminals I’ve seen are useless... The intergrated iPad should fix that :D
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    It all depends on how good the app is.
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    Magnetic card reader, 2012? :D

    Can't sell a one at Europe anymore - electric card reader is needed and NFC is coming. Look for example https://www.izettle.com/.

    Is USA so far behind?
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    so this is what is going to be charging my accounts with products I barely need
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    Not sure why you would design it so the home button was accessible for a POS term.
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    Angry Birds
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    Prototype?? Or they install custom software with multiple apps.
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    PO Sale?

    Point'O Sale?


    Pr0n viewing in safari
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    Um, that is an industry term that means "Point of Sale". It is not something they made up lol!
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    iOS 6 changed that

    The 'home' button can be locked down now within iOS 6 while using 'Guided Access' mode. Once activated, tripple clicking the home button will request a password to be entered to leave the current app.

    It's basically a "child proof" mode so the user can't exit the app accidentally now. Also, you can block certain areas from the screen from being activated, for example should there be a close button/back button within an app, you can lock that portion of the screen from being activated.

    See apple site for more info

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    The acronym for "Point Of Sale" has been used for the last 20 years at least, so it may be too late for that. Sort of unrelated, but in Japan, they use the acronym "BS" to refer to refer to satellite television (BS stands for "Broadcasting Satellite") and we end up having "BS News" "BS Channel" "BS Japan" and so on.
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    what's the point? 3 years time they will have to upgrade all the ipads because a minor software update will render them usless.
    Apple don't cater for the business market anymore, they have been in the consumer electronics business for a very long time yet people for some reason want idevices and macs in large offices and other corporate areas.
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    Depending on the cost, it could be ideal for small businesses as an interim solution.
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    Chip+PIN hasn't been widely adopted in the US because the card issuer -- and not the consumer -- is responsible for covering the cost of fraudulent transactions. Given the security questions about Chip+PIN, I'd say it's a good tradeoff.

    Card-based NFC ("tap to pay") is fairly common here but hasn't really generated much enthusiasm.
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    Most people I know - Europe and abroad - still prefer or use CCs or debit cards to pay electronically. It costs many businesses a fortune to switch to NFC, which is not a smart move when most customers don't have an NFC-enabled device yet.
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    That logic makes no sense to me though. Magnetic strips have NO security. EMV has theoretical attacks related to predictable unpredictable numbers. You'd rather have NO security than a system that's extremely, but possibly not perfectly, secure?
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    Me like!!!!

    That's a very sexy POS machine! ;)

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