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CES-Sandisk adds larger screen to challenge iPod

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 9, 2007.

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    It looks a good idea in principle. I really like the idea of a flash card that can be inserted to view extra films / listen to music / photos straight from a camera. Maybe if this was intergrated into the iPod film studios could sell hard copies of flash card rather than DVD....
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    not gonna happen. look at the Sony's UMD format... people want flexibility, and DVDs are much easier to play on TVs/computers than films, plus, this would mean that Apple would have to put a card reader in the iMac, and theres no room to do so.
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    How can they possibly claim 33 hours of video content? The thing only holds 8GB. Especially with a 4 inch screen, you will no doubt see the imperfections (or downright poor video quality).
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    Sansa makes great little players, honestly. Good pricing, as well. There's a reason they're second place in the market.
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    I'd wager that more people would argue that there's not room in a flat panel monitor to fit a computer. That has to be the most foolish thing that I've ever heard. Apple won't put a card reader in an iMac, not because of lack of space, but because it would uglify the pristine exterior of the machine.

    It's marketing man, it would be like apple saying that you can put 100,000,000 songs on an ipod as long as they're 2 minute songs encoded at 16 kbps. Sure, if you have 150k videos in WMV, I'm sure it will hold 33 hours of content, but at a reasonable bit rate, say 2/3 of an iPod's bit rate, you're only going to see about 15-20 hours.
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    I hoped they enjoyed their entire day of "bigger screen than Apple's device"
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    guys, the thing is beautiful! and I bet it's easy to use!
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    4" is still larger than 3.5" :p

    Anyone know what the resolution is on the Sansa View? Still 320x240? not 640x480 or the iPhone wouldn't have the highest dpi screen around.


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