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Chance of Apple incorporating a biometric device into MBA?!?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by McGilli, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I really wish, i mean REALLY wish Apple would get on the biometric fingerprint readers for their notebooks. As I have a MBA I wish they would put in in the MBA.

    If you have never used a machine with one - you are missing out. Basically it replaces the need to ever type in a password again, for any site or application you use - even logging into the OS.

    Apple is usually so 'ahead' of the others - I wish they would include this - even if it was an 'extra' model feature that cost more I would grab it.

    Anyone else?
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    don't think we will ever see it:(
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    TwinCities Dan

    don't think we will ever see it:D
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    Yeah, right....

    This tech is very much a waste of space in apple computers. We won't ever see it as anything more than a third party peripheral...
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    Sorry, don't find that much use for it. They should incorporate retinal scanning using the iSight, now that is technology... :D
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    Please don't incorporate anything related to fingerprint readers; they are unreliable and cause nothin' but headaches for users. The War Department has a Dell computer (office issued computer) with that bonehead app and she's constantly taking it in to reset the computer at her office's IT department, and she's constantly using my MBA...:(
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    Les Kern

    I have them on all my PC's and they work flawlessly... but I think the answer to this question as far as Apple is concerned is: No.
    They would NEVER ruin the artistic lines of any of their products. And THAT'S the only thing to consider.
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    I hear ya' but my off-duty supervisor hardly uses her Dell, and that's probably 99% of the problem. I'm not sure if she needs to do those automatic updates or what, b/c she uses her Dell maybe 1-2X per month and the rest of the time she's "bogarting" my MBA...:p
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    I had one on my last VAIO and it was buggy at best. Retinal scan makes more sense for Apple. Wouldn't disturb the look and would be forward looking.
    I like my Air just the way it is.:)

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    I agree with the last post, even if they do include it biometric devices are buggy as hell.
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    If it is as buggy as people are saying, it would ruin Apple's "just works" policy.
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    I have a USB Microsoft fingerprint reader that works fine. Although I think they discontinued it.

    Anyone remember VoicePrint password? At one point, Apple was a leader in mainstream biometric technology. Ahhhh ... the good old days.

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    Not a chance!. Biometeric devices are very flaky!. I think facial recognition using the built-in iSight camera as a better possibility followed by password (ie 2 factor authentication).
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    In the future, I think one biometric identification method will reign supreme for simplicity of use; retina, fingerprint, facial scan. But none of them are cheap or effective yet, so we've got a wait first.

    Either Apple will lead the new technology with a revolutionary use of it in a product, or other R&D teams will have to make it good, and Apple will incorporate it. If Apple takes the lead, it will be sooner... Either way, not soon!
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    I think the big problem for apple is implementing it in a cheap and stylish way. Samething with Blu=Ray.

    I mean have you seen the laptops with it. UUUUUGGGLLLYYY
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    I still use mine. I have a old Mac dedicated to OS 9 even though it is possible to run Tiger on it. It is my gaming rig now.
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    Not in your lifetime.

    Apple wants to avoid "feature creep".

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