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Chances of a 2013 15" MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by syavno, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I'm still using an early 2008, 15" MBP. Waiting on the slim chance that :apple: will release a 15" MBA. Anyone else think it'll happen? :eek:

    There was that one possible rumor (a year or so ago), following an Apple quarterly earnings conference call.
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    Not so sure now that the Retina has been released
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    I highly doubt there will be a 15 MBA.
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    Judging by the UNEVEN-gate and UNALIGNED lids and hinges-gate posts, I don't think u want an Air 15" until it's made of something stiffer than aluminum.
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    A Hebrew

    5% chance.
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    <0.1%. It would make no sense as far as product line differentiation, would be a low volume seller, and would not justify Apple's development and production costs on a profit basis compared to other products. Also, it would compete with rMBP 15, which honestly, is extremely thing as it is. Plus, as a product, it's kind of pointless in my opinion. An Air that large of a screen size would lose a lot of its weight advantage, to the point where you might as well get the rMBP, and the footprint would be ginormous. Kind of defeats the purpose of an Air.
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    I see your point. The weight difference between the 13" rMBP and MBA is 0.61 lbs, and the difference in thickness is 0.2 cm. It seems logical that a 15" MBA would have very similar weight/thickness specs to the rMBP. In that case... perhaps I'd be satisfied if the 15" rMBP experience a drop in price. :rolleyes:
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    I quite like the form-factor of the 15" Samsung Series 9 netbook. I would buy it if Apple released something like that: a 15" MBA. I don't need a discrete graphics card. Although the retina display looks great, for me it's not a worthwhile if I have to compromise battery size and weight; I'd rather have less battery and a thinner computer than a retina display.

    On that note: notice that the 15" Samsung Series 9 has user-replaceable RAM and mSATA SSD, but is thinner than a MBA. Just sayin' :p
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    Never say never, but right now it seems unlikely.
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    I already have it. It's branded as 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
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    Like he said, LOL. I think there is a slim chance you will see a retina type display in the MBA next upgrade, but no 15.
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    Why would you buy a 15" Air where the 15" rMBP wouldn't have too much size/weight difference.
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    It could be a cheaper 15" Mac. Dual core CPU, integrated graphics. Possibly even longer battery life?

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