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Chances of a MacBook update?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by PowerFullMac, Feb 17, 2008.

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    There are now rumors of a MacBook Pro update, but what do you think the chances are of a update to the normal MacBook?
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    little to none, the macbooks were recently updated in november.

    look for a late summer update.
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    Not any time soon. I would say May at the earliest.
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    Naw, they'll see a speed bump before June (when the iPod deal for students starts).

    I think early May is a good bet based on previous years. I doubt we'll see anything new (probably a minor speed bump and an HD/RAM boost). Last May was similar as well (the C2D macbooks got a speed bump and the base model got more RAM).
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    i hope apple decides to make the new macbooks with aluminum. oh yea:)
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    im rather passive user of this forum, namely i do read more and post less but there has been 50 threads or so on this within the last week :D
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    It isn't likely to happen for a while there isn't anything to update it to yet just be patient.
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    ok.. im hoping that they do not make a new macbook uintill another few months like 4 or 5!
    im getting a macbook soon so it will just suck if i get the macbook and tehn a few days/weeks/months later they take out a new one!
    but...did they not already bearly take out a new mac...mac book air./...:apple:
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    I hope they use the LED backlights in the next update. Are there online comparisons between the lifetimes of LED and CCFLs?
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    You were all WRONG!

    Pwned by Apple lol...

    Horay! MacBook update!
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    I would say, probably today.

    Oh darn, hindsight is always the best. :)
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    You know what they say, hindsight vision is always in 20/20. :)

    Nonetheless, I am shocked with today's update. The macbook traditionally would have been updated in 2 or 3 months. There was really no reason to bring to "par" with the macbook pro.

    What will the Buyer's Guide look like now! :eek::p

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