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Change container on xvid or divx to .MOV and play on AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by powerbook911, Mar 21, 2007.

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    So you can take a divx or xvid video in quicktime and save as a .mov with no encoding, and iTunes will play it no problem. However, will Apple TV?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I don't know how that's even possible in iTunes (Quicktime really). As far as I know, OS X doesn't care what the extension is. If the file is really a divx, even if you rename it .mov, OS X will know it's still a divx file. OS X isn't as dumb as Windows in this regard.
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    Thanks for the help. It really does work for me inside OS X, but I guess Apple TV won't have everything my computer has to play it.

    But yeah I put divx and xvid in itunes all the time by just changing the container to .mov.

    I have encoded so many things in xvid (like home videos), and I sure wish they could be played on Apple TV. Oh well.
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    So what format(s) will iTunes/AppleTV play?

    .mov, .mp4 and what else?
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    I think that is it on the video front, and it can't just be .mov. It has to be H264 or MPEG4 in the .mov container.
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    i have tried this

    i have all my xvid/movies in my macpro itunes using the above mentioned .mov format/link

    UNFORTUNATELY it does NOT work. I tried streaming to AppleTV. It does not even show up on the AppleTV movie section. Whereas a proper Itunes Movie will show up, as expected.

    This is a bummer..hopefully someone will somehow find a way
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    You have to encode divx to mp4/h.264 first, then transfer to Apple TV. It seems that Apple TV doesn't recognize mov formats?

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