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Change my sites goal?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by adamvk, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Well, I started Camera Focal Point in late 2009 (www.camerafocalpoint.com)

    The original goal was to make it a place for photographers to learn and improve, and to be inspired (wallpaper downloads.) However, the forums never took off like I hoped they would, and I only get around 10 views a day, and I'm guessing thats just from Google.

    So, I am considering just making it a wallpaper download site. I would just focus on that, and if I started getting more views with that, then I would "reopen" the rest of the site.

    Do you think that is a good idea, or not?

    Input would be appreciated.

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    The time it takes for a web site to get off the ground is usually best measured in years. When your wallpaper site starts slowly, are you just going to give up on that also?
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    Ya, I guess I haven't waited long enough. This is my first "public" website, and I suppose I'm just impatient. I just don't know what else I could do to get more views.
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    Have you looked at ProBlogger ? The guy who runs that site has a lot of good tips for generating traffic and monetizing a website. He's the founder of DPS.
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    Hmm. Interesting, thanks for the link.
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    it sounds like you got into something without much research. that's how most websites end up failing. a site needs to be up for more than just a month to start generating traffic. it also needs to be advertised across the internet because there's so much competition now. it also needs to have a lot of quality content. there are already tons of sites that offer much more than yours does in your particular niche. see dpreview or steve's digicams sites. blogs in general don't generate much income these days (if that's what you want from it) unless you have a large audience and a constant stream of good news and other articles that are fed to the readers very often (ex: engadget, gizmodo).

    i had a site a while back that i was running for about half a year. i wasn't really into it, so it ended up failing. i'd get a lot of traffic from google where it would come up on first or second pages of search results. this is very good, but if you don't keep up with the content daily, then you'll fail very fast.

    you have to start networking with people (ex: you write some great article or review on something, and they mention it on their big site, so you end up getting many new visitors, and possibly returning visitors), and make your site look more professional, or no one will bother sticking around and will go back to whatever else that has been up for years before you came along.
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    As pointed out above, the most important thing about spreading yourself through the internet is exposure (of the internet kind, not the kind that gets you in jail... )

    Google loves nothing more then good content, and a heavily linked page. So get your page out in the wild. Link exchange is one of the most popular choices, which is why when you read blogs, you will often see links scattered throughout it linking to past articles or to other sites.

    A site with the greatest content ever unfortunately will only get you so far (about as far as you did I reckon!) Gone are the days when you could let word of mouth, or even the fact that your site was the only kind of its breed on the web, generate traffic for you.

    Another trick is to write good content. Write reviews on cameras, photography (try to keep it to your field) and publish to blogs or to other sites. If your on a site which has a dead link related to your field, write a page in relation to that dead page, and ask the owner of the site to change their link to point to your page.

    You have to give a reason for google, and ergo people, to visit your site. Not just to site on your hands and say 'Well, come on, find me already!'
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    Thanks for the tips guys.

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