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Changing out the iPod Hard Drive?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by swahilibill, Jan 24, 2003.

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    is it possible to open it up and put a larger hard drive inside? thanks for any input!

    I have a original iPod 5GB by the way
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    ooh i don't think that's possible unless you manage to open the iPod in the first place. Then you need to find a hard drive that's small enough.
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    I'd say "no" because each of the models is a slightly different physical size meaning each HDD is probably slightly different in size.

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    there was some hope of this originally but it has been shown to be much more difficult than anticipated.

    while the exact identical models are easily obtainable, the ipod harddrives in fact seem to have a unique firmware and i don't think anyone has circumvented this yot.
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    also, i think it's somewhat pointless, because bigger drives don't exist yet, and the drives themselves cost around as much retail as the ipods themselves do, respectively...

    could be wrong tho...

  6. Sol
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    A little information

    I think Toshiba make these drives. I would just buy another iPod.
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    You can replace the HDD with the toshiba ones but you wil no longer be able to use it as an iPod :( :( :(

    Apple has formatted the drives with a special partioning system...
    What this means to you and me is you cant replicate it and the iPod update software sees its not an apple HDD :(
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    that stinks, to obad cuase 40GB 1.8s are just around the corner.


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