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Changing sound pitch by exactly One Octave / GarageBand

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by BubbaMonkey, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Is it possible to shift a sound by exactly on octave through GarageBand?

    Thanks and all the best
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    of course! but it probably won't sound great.
    nothing does, or ever will, sound good moved an octave (musically or metaphorically) away from it's origin.

    have you got garageband? try it...!

    when you say "through" do you mean live?
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    A note's next upward octave is twice of the frequency of the original note. So doubling the frequency will make audio sound up an octave. Though this usually speeds up the music by double, unless you compensate. And things might sound a bit like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
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    First off is this an audio or a MIDI recording. With MIDI the sound will be perfect, just as if you played it that way.

    But with audio, yes you can pitch shift audio up without speeding up the tempo but the sound will not be natural especially if it is a vocal track.

    GB can pitch shift without tempo shifting.
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    good point.

    hey bubba monkey, is this sound, midi or audio?
    and what kind of sound is it? drums, piano, guitar, vocal etc?
    there's a few different ways to do this, some work better depending on the original source.
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    simple way is to add the vocal transformer effect to the track - then shift it up 12 increments (semitones in theory)
    you can counteract the "weirdness" of the sound by adjust the "sound" fader up and down to get closer to what you're looking for

    very basic way around it , but works quite well if you're using it for layered vocal harmonies

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