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Changing transition & title length: Final Cut Pro X

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by sunandsurf, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. sunandsurf, Dec 6, 2012
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    I hope the solution to this is easy cuz it should be! (That word "should" comes up all the time!)

    What's my problem? Well, adding a transition and titles is easy; super easy; however, when i want to change the length of the transition or the title, it ends up with some weird numbers. For example, I've now got it as 3 seconds as the default. So let's say I wanna extend it to 6 seconds. Okay, I click and select the transition or title; then I hit Control and D. Fine. Now I can type in the length that I want. So I type in 600 and it shows as 6 seconds; I hit the enter/return key. I give it time to save. I click on it, Control and D and... it's not 6 seconds! It might be something like 9 seconds or 4 seconds!

    Please tell me there's a simple solution and explanation!

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    Just to make sure, what editing application are you talking about and which version is it?
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    Oops! Sorry. I'm using Final Cut Pro X.

    Thanks for any ideas you might have.
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    Very good. But what version. 10.0.6 has altered some functions.:confused:
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    Dang! I'm on the road now; will check and post when I get home. Thanks!
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    In a bit of a rush so I'll make this quick. I updated my app to 10.0.6. Not a key issue; why not? Cuz I found out that transitions and titles get "influenced" by stuff around it. By that, I mean if I have a clip that is deemed "too short", the length of a transition can be messed up.

    I think it's a weakness of a program that a user can't do anything he/she wants to do but that's another subject.

    So, what's a guy to do but figure out some work around!

    Instead of using a fade to color transition, just use a custom generator; create two key points (start and ending) and set opacity at 100% or 0% to create a fade to black or fade from black.

    Also, I found that inserting a slug is a good way to create a one second black pause before something else happens.

    Anyway, that's just one way to do what I was trying to do.... !
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    So sorry to hear you are in a rush. So i make it fast. FCP-X is now 10.07.
    After putting you title down or any other clips all you got to do is "TRIM" no need to play around.
    Could tell thee more but time factor.:confused:
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    Is it possible to use the "trim" function in version 10.0.6?

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Well Sir. I would advice you when you have time to try the function out and see what happens.
    I think any person working in this software should be comfortable with all the tools available.:apple:

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