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Chapter Titles -> HandBrake -> iTunes -> AppleTV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by OldSkoolNJ, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Ok so just recently I discovered the Chapter Titles area of HandBrake. I didnt realize you could go in there and name the chapter titles the right names. So I spend some extra time now entering this info in. I am a little OCD when it comes to stuff like this so everything has to be named and filled in. So i complete my first set of files and add these movies to iTunes. In itunes I see the chapter selection which works great and I can see all the chapter titles. However today I realized on my AppleTV (both of them) you do not see the chapter titles when you skip ahead or back. I have Blue Harvest (Family Guy) Digital copy fro DVD and it does work from that. Is this inherent or did I do something wrong?

    Kevin :apple:
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    I don't think that Apple TV can display chapter names. I have never seen it do so.
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    Yes it does. I have seen it for sure on Blue Harvest. Again this was a Digital Rights copy from my DVD i bought.

    Kevin :apple:
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    I sit corrected. ;)
  5. sJv
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    I can't get the ATV (1.1 or 2.0) to jump ahead to the next chapter. iTunes sees the chapter, but ATV just jumps ahead some random amount. I generated the files using Handbrake. I did not edit the chapter names, though, so they are still the default. Was there something I was supposed to do or enable?

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    Chapter titles are only supposed to work for files that end in .m4v.

    I don't know how it has been with recent builds, but I know pre-0.9 builds had chapter titles working with ATV 1.1.
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    after some long searching i've found this application which works great! just sucks that I have to add another step to ripping a movie... but I think its worth it!


    the app allows you to get all the metadata from some sites like tagchimp which then make your movie look like you bought it through itunes instead of ripping them! less work for the win!
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    On you're atv remote, hold down the play/pause button for about three seconds. a menu will popup with all of the chapter names listed. you can then scroll them and play them irc ( I use a harmony remote but I believe its the same ) in short, yes the atv recognizes the custom chapter names from hb.

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