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Charge 3G iPod via USB?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by xraydoc, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Am I correct in thinking that while you can sync the 3G iPod via USB, it'll only charge via a FireWire cable (or the FireWire to AC adapter)?? ...unlike the Nano and current 5G models.

    I was trying to consolidate my 3G and 5G connections (one USB-to-iPod cable), but discovered that my 3G wasn't charging (not even an animated battery indicator), though it charges just fine in its FireWire dock. The 5G charges over the same USB cable just fine.

    I'm thinking I'll be stuck with two separate docks. Hmmm... :brick:
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    My 3G charges fine with a USB Cable. Don't know how to help you, just make sure everything is plugged in properly, sometimes my 3G can be off the dock a little bit and do absolutely nothing.
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    One thing you probably need to make sure of is that the USB cable for the iPod is plugged into a POWERED USB port, if you're using a USB hub... an unpowered port might not be able to supply power to the iPod beyond that used for data transfer, or it might supply just a trickle of the usual amount (resulting in VERY slow charging or inability to charge when the iPod is running).
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    Yeah, from my personal experience 3G iPods need FW to charge. I travel frequently so I have a Griffen powerPod in my car that I use to charge it. Now that I will be selling this iPod to my cousin I will probably have to get myself a little better deal...
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    Only 4G and above charge via USB as I recall. That was one of the major reasons they stopped including the firewire cable, as once charging became possible using USB, there was no longer any need for it by the vast majority of their customers.
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    Ah... found it:

    Note: Only iPod mini, iPod (Click Wheel), and iPod photo can get power from a high-powered USB port using the supplied cable.

    (Obviously not updated for the nano or 5G models)
    Apple's iPod battery FAQ.
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    Ah, great sleuthing! Thanks for finding that for all us lazy people here! :D
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    Problem is, that is from after the 4Gs had hit the market, so it really tells nothing about his particular iPod because it doesn't talk about 3G iPods.
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    Oh well, the 3G won't charge from USB based on my experience.

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