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Charging my Nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by piltupso, Oct 29, 2006.

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    I got a last generation 2 GB nano. Out of the box it only came with a usb cable. Can I plug it into the charging block for my older 15 GB ipod without hurting anything? I don't know much about the inner workings of these things and just don't want to fry or shorten the life of anything and I am tired of charging through the usb. thanks
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    if the cables seem to be the same it should be ok - but there's nu guarantee really - my 5th gen works great with my 3rd gen charger - but it might not be the same for your shuffle (so either try or wait for someone who actually owns a shuffle and tried that!)
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    mad jew

    However, I think the charging block (power adaptor) for your old 3G uses a Firewire connection so it won't work. Don't try to force a cable into a port, even if it kinda looks like it'll fit. :eek:

    Of course, I could be wrong (as usual), in which case just ignore this ol' mad bastard.
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    It looks like 15GB is indeed the 3G, in which the AC adapter uses a FireWire port because the 3Gs didn't have the ability to charge via USB. The nano should charge through a FireWire cable though.
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    The charging block does accept a firewire and the charging cable that came with the nano is a usb but the end of the each cable that plugs into the ipod/nano seems to be the same so I was going to plug the firewire cable in to the charging block and then plug the nano into the cable since the end is the same as the one that is on the usb cable. So if the end fits into the nano is it a safe bet I won't smoke the nano?
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    It'll work just fine. I've used the same $3 unofficial iPod charger with a 2G, 4G, 2G Mini, 1G Nano and 2G Nano and have never had any problems :)
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    Thanks to those that took the time. I guess I will take the plunge and hook it up I am just tired of hooking it up to the usb just to charge it this will be much better.
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    mad jew

    Yeah, the nano will charge through your charger + Firewire cable from the old iPod. :)

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