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Charging nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Must.Get.nano!, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Unlike the mini, after I plug in my nano for charging, it just says iPod update complete

    so my question is... how am i supposed to charge it?
    or is this supposed to happen, and theres another way of chargin it?


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    i think you have to check your settings in itunes. you may want to enable disk use of your nano under pref.:D
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    If you're on a mac and your nano's set to autosync, then it should mount, sync, and unmount itself and then just show that its charging.

    Please try to use a more descriptive thread title next time!
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    I did. (Charching nano) but no one bothered checking.. lol
    only way to gettin ppls attention:)

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    Im not sure exaclty what your saying, but it charges while its plugged into your computer. To make sure unmount it and then turn it off, you should see the battery with "Charging.." above it.

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