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Charging problem with powerbook G4. Advice needed

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kalex, Jul 4, 2008.

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    I obtained a powerbook G4 12" model yesterday and it has a charging problem. basically it looks like the power connector on the powerbook is a bit loose and when I connect the power cord I have to push it down a bit to get charging going.

    is this something that can be fixed cheaply?

    I have very bad expierence taking these things apart. Last time I tried swapping hard drive in ibook, I ended up with 5 extra screws after i was done, but I did manage to swap the drive out :)

    if anybody in NYC area can do the fix, pm me. I'll pay for the job


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    bumping an old thread, but i'm having a similar problem, powerbook wont charge either. I've tried resetting the PMU, but still nothing. can anyone help?

    its a 12" 867MHz model
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    I ended up paying $180 for a DC in board replacement. There was no other way of fixing it for me.
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    the dc in board is most likely your problem
    you can find them on ebay for pretty cheap, ifixit sells them for like $60 though, it is a fairly simple swap
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    Did you do this repair yourself or did you have it repaired by a Apple certified technician?

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