Charging via dc power inverter

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Psilocybin, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I bought a cheap power inverter plugs into your cig lighter at Walmart to charge my kids DVD players. Now I know there are a lot to consider. Meaning how clean the sine wave is and if it protects from over loading.

    Should I trust something like this to charge my 2011 MBA?
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    There really isn't too much to consider here. If it is at least about 60 watts at ~120 volts, you will be fine. Your Air's power adapter make sure the Air gets what it needs.

    Your inverter will be fine.
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    It's runs at 115v
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    Be sure it has enough watts. I bought one that had 60 watts.. more then enough for the 45 watt charger. One day i was using it and smelt a burning smell. I read the fine print and said it can only provide more than 30 watts of electricity in ~5 minute intervals. Oops. I bought a 150 watt one later.
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    Personally, I'd only use a true sine-wave inverter. Modified sine wave are cheaper - however they can cause issues. Increased heat, reduced voltages, electronic noise.

    Pony up a couple extra bucks for a sine wave, because they produce electricity identical to what comes out of the wall.
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    wasnt planning on using it just curious if it was a good idea took electonics classes and i know the damage a distorted sine wave can do when using amplifiers and so on

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