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Cheap $5 USB to LAN adapter work with MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by spawnfreak, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Hey, I was wondering if those el cheapo USB to LAN adapters work with MBA?
    or I'll have to shell out $40 for Apple made (which my budget doesn't permit).

    I'm in great need of it and was thinking of buying USB to LAN adapter (chinese made ones) from here... (ebay India)


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    why not, give it a shot , see how many the seller sold+feedback
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    That looks just like the one I bought from Monoprice.com in the USA for $6 and it works fine on any Mac or PC that has a USB port on it!
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    Works but how well? do u get close to the theoretical max operating speed?

    Don't forget to run an anti-virus on any Chinese made software.
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    I tried the generic non Apple USB-Ethernet adapters. They seem to work but the speeds vary and some of them are dismally slow at about 20Mbit/s. Apple USB adapter works with no problem and gives 100Mbit/s consistently. I use it to access two different networks simultaneously. Otherwise it is the slowest of all the other options available. Thunderbolt to Ethernet will give you the gigabit speed, USB adapter will be limited to 100Mbit/s, Air's built in WiFi is 144Mbit/s if you connect at "g" and 300Mbit/s if you connect at "n".
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    I keep one around, but just as a last resort.
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    I have a cheapo that has worked well once the correct driver was installed. Unless you're copying stuff locally it's unlikely the usb ethernet will bottleneck you (when compared to internet speed).
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    no copying et al

    I'm an intern and my office has a wifi (for employees) and lan for interns. So just for browsing and eorking.
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    This is the one I have and it works, plus there was no software to install = it was plug and play in every Mac and PC (laptop or desktop it has been used with)...USB 2.0 won't come close to maxing out the connection speed either...so for ~$6 you can't lose.

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