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cheap hosting

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by janey, Mar 2, 2004.

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    need cheap cheap cheap hosting plan. preferably under $10 a month, more than a gig of space, more than 10 gigs of bandwidth, MySQL, PHP, CGI, the usual.

    .mac is nice but gives me almost no flexibility, my mom doesnt want to pay $$$ for hosting...etc.
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    you should check out www.crisishost.com. they're pretyt good... i've got a plan with them.

    i don't think they've got a 1GB/10GB bandwidth... but they've got 500MB storage/10GB bandwidth for $5/month. seems cheap to me. :D

    they're really helpful there. you could probably drop them an email and see if you can pay a bit extra to get 1GB storage. they'd probably be able to do that for $10/month.

    hope that helps. :)
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    I agree with cb911, I have an account with crisishost.com and they have been nothing but helpful. I would definitely recommend them to you as well. And like cb911 said, email them with any questions and I'm sure you'll work something out. That's what I did.

    Good luck!
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    I love DreamHost, might be little more expensive but that $20 a month is worth it. 1600mb of space, 40 gigs transfer a month…… Anyway I love them if you wan to run some trace routes feel free to willscorner.net

    The tech support is kick ass btw, most of them use Macs.
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    Ive used Fat Cow for two clients and have been very impressed. They offer 500MB/25GB with PHP, CGI, MySQL, and eCommerce functionality for $99/YEAR (or $8.25/month). In my case they waived the setup fee ($10) for MySQL, but I can't gaurantee they would do the same for you. They also offer statistics reports which are pretty handy if you want to analyze your visitor traffic and most popular pages, etc...

    To each their own... :cool:
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    thanks for the replies guys :p
    still not sure which one to gowith though.
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    I've only been using Bluehost.com for a couple of weeks so far... but they seem really good and give you 30gigs of space at a cheap price.

    Many of the web host ratings sites gave them "best host of the year" awards for 2005.
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    I also use Bluehost and they've been nothing short of great. I will be coming up on two years with them with no real problems.
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    I use A Small Orange for my web hosting needs. They have everything you are looking for. I have never had any downtime and they have great customer service. Anytime I have a problem they will answer me within 30 min.
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    unless you need your site to load VERY quickly, just host your own site. it's easy if you use MAMP or webserverxkit.
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    You also need to have a static IP Address
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    DynDNS can fix that fine.
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    John Jacob

    I use StartLogic Prologic. $4.95 a month when you sign up for two years. 35Gigs of storage and 750Gigs of transfer. Suits me just fine since I need it primarily for the storage (I haven't even set up my website yet, though I will someday when I get around to it :rolleyes: ).
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    While you're at it check out site5.com $9.97/month

    * 15 GB Web Storage
    * 500 GB Bandwidth /m
    * Unlimited Domains
    * Unlimited E-mail

    (btw this is the gold plan, they offer a silver at $6.97)

    Super support and servers are full of goodies:

    PHP 4 & 5 (w/Zend Optimizer™)
    MySQL 4+
    Perl 5.8+ (w/Free Module Installation)
    GD Graphics Library
    cURL Library
    Python 2.2 Language Support
    ImageMagick 5+ Support
    WAP/WML/Wireless Support
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    CGI-BIN and Site-Wide CGI

    these guys rock and it seems that more than a few people around here would agree.
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    I'll second A Small Orange. They're awesome and a really good deal.
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    Holy thread revival!

    Funny how much hosting prices have changed in only 2.5 years. hint: look at the OP date...;)
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    Wow! :eek: Yeah, I totally didn't notice that. :eek:
  19. eto
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    crap *feels like dumbass*
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