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Cheapest DSLR Available

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pieface, Oct 19, 2008.

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    What is the cheapest DSLR out there thats alright? Ive heard about Fuji finepixs s9500 and how thats meant to be good, I just want one with lots of features, and a changable lens.

    (British preferably)
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    That Fuji isn't a DSLR. It's a bridge camera. I think the Nikon D40 is probably the cheapest right now.
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    Fuji does not make a low priced dSLR. Fuji's S5 takes Nikon mount lenses and sells without a lens for about $1,100.

    There are no bad SLRs on the market. The best value on an dSLR now is a used Nikon D50 with the 18-55mm "kit" lens. It is easy to find a setup for $350, $300 if you shop a bit. I'd much rater have a used D50 than a new D40. But the D40 is the lowest priced new dSLR.

    You say "lots of feature". What are you looking for? What do you need? All of the cameras on the market have a surplus of "features", more than are needed.

    If your budget is very tight you can buy a very nice film based body on the used market for about $100. In terms of image quality film wins, except in some special cases. Later pick up a used digital body and continue to use the same lenses.
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    I would get a d40 because nikon has a huge used used body and lense market.
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    I just want a DLSR to have various features that can make various types of highish quality photos. Also I want a Digital One as I just want to put it on my Computer, I got a normal SLR somewhere around the house.
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    Pentax will be releasing their new budget dSLR soon, the k-M (k2000 inside the US).

    It comes with in-body shake reduction which works with any Pentax lens (even the old film lenses) and saves you paying for more expensive in-lens vibration reduction models.
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    I just got a d40 for my wife on Amazon with a lens for $430. Since then, I think its gone up a little on Amazon but its easy to find for ~440-450. We've been really happy with the photo quality.
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    I would look into a Nikon D40 or maybe search around and see if you can find a Canon Xt..
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    So a D40 is the cheapest available? I will try to get one on Finance somewhere, as I can't afford anything =[
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    maybe save upa nd look for a good used one?
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    What "various features?" What's "highish quality?" If you're only going to look at images on a computer, frankly you'd be wasting money buying a DSLR unless one of those "various features" is something that's unique to SLRs- so if you don't really need an SLR feature, just go get a good point and shoot and you'll save money and be happier.

    What sort of normal SLR do you have? If you already have lenses you're happy with, then you may be better-off buying that company's DSLR body without any lenses.
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    look in the phone directory for a camera shop and see if they have any 'previously loved' cameras.
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    Im just a begginner looking to do photography as a hobby lets just say, and I want to start with a DSLR. I work somewhere where they do courses in photography, and because I work there the price of the course drops from £200 to £10. Seriously.
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    really? tahst awesome, the ask your instructors and classmates they'll direct you to a good place i owuld think...
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    A quick look at www.camerapricebuster.co.uk shows the folling entry level DSLRs........

    Sony Alpha A200 + 18-70mm Lens Kit £254.00
    Olympus E-410 Kit (14-42mm lens) £279.99
    Pentax Pentax K200D + 18-55mm Lens £349.99
    Nikon D40 Lens Kit (AF-S DX 18-55mm) £240.41
    Canon EOS 1000D Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55 IS) £329.99
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    I would also encourage you to consider a used SLR, especially because it sounds like you're exploring the hobby and not 100% committed. You could try ebay or craigslist, or talk to your instructor about good sources of used equipment.

    There are lots of DSLRs that are 1-3 years old that would be packed with features and produce high-quality images, but could be had much cheaper than any new model.

    Also, if you already have (autofocus) lenses, I'd suggest you get a body from the same manufacturer.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    These courses are only on for one weekend a few times a year :p

    I probably will get used though.

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