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Cheapest way to upgrade to Leopard on an eMac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by raysfan81, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I have found disks that say "media only" for really cheap and I realize those aren't licenses but since the eMac has Tiger wouldn't it already have an OSX license? Links to products would be nice if possible. Thanks.
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    mac osx operating systems dont come with a license, you just pop the disc in the drive and install it ;)
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    just buy a leopard install dvd at ebay or so
    but it has to be a retail disc , the grey discs you get are model specific and only work on the models they had been made for
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    That's way too cheep to be official Apple Media.

    Retail prices on Leopard media is going to be at least $100 and possibly more.

    Crazy, I know. You may be able to snag an old copy of legit media from someone who upgraded to Snow Leopard and decided they didn't want their old retail Leopard media anymore.

    Given the percentage of older macs that can't run Snow Leopard at all, I would think that Apple would continue to make a good deal of money by selling Leopard themselves...
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    i suppose apple got annoyed with people who hang on to their old g5 /g4 Mac's for money or sentimental reasons and did still want support for these ancient, obsolete systems :eek:
    so leopard was only meant to show these relic hunters the future , by now everybody should know how apples future looks like ...snow leopard -bootcamp-windows 7 ...if you cant run it on your mac its time to buy a new mac and if you cant afford one its your fault get a better payed job or buy a pc , apple doesn't need you they made their profit when you bought your old mac ....thats how it looks like
    when i mention windows 7 its suppose to run even on older pc's a bit slower but about the performance of win 98 and it does run on pentium 2 , and equivalent amd processors so in terms of upgrade options windows 7 is good it supports even old pc's that are about as old as the first generation iMac g3
    so microsoft offers the option to install their windows 7 on your old pc's and some hackers can make snow leopard run on amd processors and intel atom processors with some hacking , why is it so difficult for apple to make snow leopard run on older mac's too , its in really basic terms only implementing the driver support for g3/g4/g5 processors like they did in leopard
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    hmm... the govgroup website has a whole bunch of images at the bottom, like Visa, MC, BBB, but none of these are real links, which is a sure sign of a scam site. Legit companies don't put those logos on websites without a link behind them.
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    Good call. That HAS to be a scam site. I would stay far, far away.
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    Ok, thanks for the advice I don't think I'll buy from that site. Any other ideas?

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