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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by The Muffin Man, Aug 12, 2004.

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    I have taken so many photos, it's scary I think. I made this website all by myself (best viewed with Safari of course ;)) Check it out. The URL is in my sig.
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    You have some beautiful photos. Very nice work.

    If I may, I would suggest that you get a new host to make your uploading/displaying of images easier. Currently, It's a bit tedious to browse your images that way. If you could create a gallery of some kind with a thumbnail image, it would be much more appealing. But thats just my opinion.

    Again, beautiful work. (You've been bookmarked ;))
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    Why, thank you Michael, and suggestions are always welcome. I'm really not too good with HTML and all...I made this layout months ago and have forgotten most of it. My next step I think will be to mark my favorites in the pictures index. Some are blurry or just boring, but I want those there anyway, so I think I'll mark my favorites with red or green. We'll see.
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    That is great stuff. A better layout would help out the people too lazy to click each one though. Still, beats the crap out of a lot of geocities sites out there.
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    Do you have Adobe Photoshop?

    If so, there is a built-in utility for building web photo galleries. Then all you'd have to do is upload them. No HTML knowledge requred.

    PS: I might be able to help you find a host.
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    Close. I have Photoshop Elements. It does everything I need it too, so I don't know why people spend so much money on just a few extra features (unless you work in a graphics field). Elements is only 100 bucks, though I think I got it for 50 cuz I had an gift certificate.
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    Those are some nice pictures you have there. Good work with the camera (and/or computer).

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    Thank you. I don't do much to the photos with my computer. I just change the contrast mostly.
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    Oh dear, bandwidth limit exceeded, geocities sucks :( If you're goona have a website dedicated to photography you're gonna need some proper hosting bud, bandwidth limits will be exceeded with just a few visits with these free ones.

    Check out the Tiny or Small packages at ASO, very cheap, very reliable, and would mean that your pictures are always available for anyone to enjoy :)
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    Yeah, I hate GeoCities because of that. The thing is that in general hardly anyone visits my site and I'm kinda broke, so I never see any point to buying bandwidth. Like, if I hadn't posted that link today, I bet my site would have NO hits, so...yeah.
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    Nice Photos!

    Very nice stuff, Muffin Man. I grabbed Jolly Blue Giant for my desktop. Keep up the good work!

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    I've created a draft for having my favorite pics signaled for the pictures index. Here's the link:

    Tell me what you think. I know there are lots of "FAV"s but I have many. Does it look too cluttered now?
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    Cool, i like them
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    Thanks. BTW, is your icon support or opposition of Bush? (I'm hoping he loses ;))
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    it's not just a few extra features LOL. We are talking the ability to batch process, to use actions, to build better web galleries, a host of actual editing differences....

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    fine, prove me wrong w/ your facy-shmancy details. ";)"
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    Those pictures are amazing. I hope you don't mind If i created an entire folder of them to use as my changing desktop. On a side note, lots of them didn't seem to work...maybe just for me. Might wanna check that out.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Thank you. I know, some aren't loading because they've become "inactive". I didn't update the site for like 5 months earlier this year. I'm working on it. I need feedback on my pictures index draft page though.

    Sadly, the bandwidth is ****ed up right now, so it doesn't even show what I was thinking of. Maybe I'll switch some things around. Try the link in about an hour, please. I hope I have it figured out by then.
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    michael, thanks for the suggestion in the PM.
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    nice, you got a good eye
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    Thanks. I don't think I'll implement the "FAV" thing. It's too cluttered and kind of an eye sore. Kind of like the el train in Chicago.
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    I really liked some of your pictures. I think a couple of them will make it to my desktop. For your hosting problem I would recommend You get 125mb space, 500 mb bandwidth a month, no filesize limit, and no ads all for free. I use them right now to host some images and files for myself.
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    Why not host them here? I only used it because it was free and available, but it's really handy, and very customisable. No bandwidth limit, and I believe you get ~200mb free to begin with.

    Edit: An example of how cool it can look can be found here... :D
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    The problem with fotopic is the lack of customizability that HTML provides. Also, GeoCities gives 3 GB of free bandwidth a month, so I don't see any reason to choose those other hosts except the storage space (which I've already figured out and dealt with). Thanks, though.
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    I like Gallery myself. It has a web interface for uploading photos, let's you rotate and modify, generates thumbnails for you, and it's open sourced. You do need a hosting service that supports PHP to use it though.

    Your photos rock, Muffin Man. Some of them would make very cool desktop backgrounds... Assuming we had permission to use them, of course...

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