check this...its funny

Discussion in 'Community' started by zuggerat, Jun 10, 2003.

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    yeah they do...i dont do pop either i hate the stuff but im very knowledgible on contemporary music
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    i'm underground all the way. Although "Justfied" is a good album'

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    that's hilarious, man, good stuff. Gates and torvalds and ballmer banding together under the apple name though... ehhh, whatever. always 'nJOY a little 'nSTYNC parody action. thanks!
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    The Bleeechstreet Boys call themselves artists. I like N'Stync simply because at least they know they suck (still won't listen to them). My ex used to though.

    Never was a fan of New Kids either.


    Ten bucks says Gates is the first to go solo.
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    i dunno, steve and linus like to do their own things too.

    [edit] and by the way, looking at gates again, that is the "gayest" picture of him i have ever seen. that is the most effeminate stance/facial expression. lol! [/edit]
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    Hmmm not all that funny. Seen it b4 anyways. :(

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    heh...I've never seen that one before. :D

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