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Check this police cruiser

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by virividox, May 14, 2004.

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  2. Ozi
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    I bet there is pretty intense competition over who gets to drive that! :D
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    well german autobahn police have only porsches, bmw M5, and some pretty fast audis,mercedes etc.

    i guess somebody in italy said: "we need a faster one!!"
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    m5, mercs, audis are luxury cars

    porsche sports luxury

    lamborg...well thats like in another level (of course theres the maybach etc etc) but still

    THIS IS LIKE OVERKILL...hehe i like the idea for organ transplants, cuz DAMN its gonna go fast...but this would be way cool to chase down criminals, although imagine how much trouble a cop would be if he damaged it pursuing a suspect or even worse; spiling espresso in it haha
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    I think that is just a recruitment tool.

    Everyone knows that you can't outrun the radio...and the helicopter.
    If you are in the LA area, you can't outrun the news copters ;)
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    What happens when the cop makes an arrest and tries to put the perp in the back seat? :confused:
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    wow... that's awesome.. yet at the same time, seems impractical
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    This means the British need to start using Aston Martins in their police force, complete with heat seeking missiles:)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Some police departments in the states have exotic cars like that. They generally end up with after a drug bust. Most are put in to service as "community awareness" vehicles. Though the Virginia State Police does have some Camaros for speed enforcement.
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    That's pretty funny, though it'd be something of a deterrant for those "I can make it!" idiots who try to run. Or the really stupid ones would take it as some kind of a challenge and kill somebody trying to outrun a car that can do 192.

    It's interesting, a few years back there were some Highway Patrol Camaros and Mustangs in the area I live, which seemed to make a lot of sense; if you're just chasing down speeders and drunk drivers, they probably get better gas milage than a Crown Vic, and certainly handle better than even the police versions, so they seem ideal for a highway cruiser.
  11. Ozi
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    I've seen pics of Dodge Vipers being used as cop cars... thats pretty full on! :)[​IMG] here is a very quick Aussie cop car, AWD, turbo. :) 0-100km in around 6 seconds, 0-400 meters in maybe 13 seconds? :D
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    That is what I call a donation. Speeders and criminals are now on notice, at the speed of 0 - 60 in four seconds. :eek:
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    Well crap, I'll have to be in an Enzo, McLaren, or Murcielago next time I drive in Italy :p
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    I think some people may even become criminals just to ride in that thing. Holla!!
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    Reminds me of playing Need For Speed with all the sweet ass cars being chased by equally sweet ass police cars.
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    IIRC some forces used to use Lotus Esprits, but mostly it seems to be heavily tuned Volvo V70s these days for motorway patrols (well, around here it is, rest of UK can differ wildly)
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    There was also a marked Porsche 911 used in the early '90's too ;) along with a marked Escort Cosworth and a marked Subaru Impreza Turbo. :D

    Remember that BBC TV show 'X Cars'... Manchesters undercover high performance section used to have a Sierra Saphire Cosworth an Astra GSI and a Renault 19 16v.

    But ever since the Volvo T5 was launched and replaced the Vauxhall Senator, Volvo estates seem to be the way to go for most forces, although the odd Omega crops up. heheh.

    The Audi/Lambo Gallardo though isn't a bad choice though when you think about... it's quite a compact car and with 4WD it's got to be dead handy around those Italian mountain roads... especially in the wet! :eek: :D
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    It would suck to be him :D

    I guess if your local traffic runs about 120mph then you need to match it. Here in Up-State New York all we need to look out for are the NY and NJ state politicians doing 80 - 100 on their way up the I-87 to the Adirondacks. The state troopers have the hottest cameros available to catch the never ending line of BMWs, Mercedes, Porches, etc.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    In this area they get the embarrassment of being handcuffed, generally leaning against the car with their faces facing the flow of traffic that is flowing by till transport can come by.
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    wow, that makes our CHP Camero's look like Hot Wheels.. :(
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    So much for the days of The Dukes of Hazzard... can you imagine Sheriff Rosco driving one of those?! :D
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    Not anymore.

    Chevrolet cancelled Camaros not too long ago. I heard that the CHP or some highway patrol ordered the last batch of Camaros to be outfitted as police cruiser models "BC4". Dunno how long these are going to be around though. Since these cars are usually high mileage cars, unless they are never driven, expect to see the last of the Camaros in city auctions, in about 3 years time.
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    I couldn't imagine Sheriff Rosco even trying to get into one of those :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Chip NoVaMac

    ell at least there will be the Mustang
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    screw mustangs how about vettes and vipers thats a good detterent for kids in jap cars who think they can outrun the cops :D

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